Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Week–April 18-24

Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Week–April 18-24

AAMC is fortunate enough to have two certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses, Irene Repka, RN, BS, CWOCN and Michelle Perkins, RN, BS, CWON.

WOC nurses are lifesavers for patients with wounds, ostomy and continence conditions. Their advanced education equips these nurses to treat special conditions and provide counseling, teaching and emotional support.

Irene and Michelle cover all the AAMC inpatients units, seeing patients Monday through Friday, as well as some  evenings and weekends. By request, they care for patients in the ESP OR and in the outpatient setting for wound, ostomy and continence teaching and support.

Thank you Irene and Michelle for your endless support to our patients, families and staff!


  1. Posted by Anita M. Smith, RN, Nurse Manager Wound/Diabetes Center, at Reply

    Thank you Dr. Chappell for your kind words. You are absolutely correct. Their wound/ostomy assistance is valued not only to the Wound Center staff but staffing throughout the hospital. We are very fortunate to have such knowledgable and quality wound/ostomy nurses working with our patients at AAMC. I am working on cloning them.

  2. Posted by James Chappell, MD, at Reply

    We here at AAMC are extraordinarily lucky to have Irene and Michelle available to us for our wound/ostomy patients. I personally feel blessed by having them work side by side with me, whether it is in the AAMC Wound Center, out on the floors seeing patients, or in the operating room. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge and a very caring and compassionate manner. I can personally count thousands of patients they have assisted me with since we opened the Wound Center in 2002. Now if we could just clone them.

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