World Prematurity Day – celebrated by staff, families, and NICU grads!

World Prematurity Day – celebrated by staff, families, and NICU grads!

Across the world, one million babies die each year because they were born too early, another 12 million struggle to survive. 

On November 17, AAMC’s NICU observed World Prematurity Day. This campaign, sponsored by the March of Dimes, raises global awareness surrounding the problem of premature birth. 

About 500 babies are cared for in our NICU each year, some staying just two days, some up to four months. Some weigh as much as a can of soda, some are a strapping ten pounds! In the NICU, success is measured in grams and milliliters—in our world, no feat is too small. 

We are frequently blessed to become a part of our patients’ families. They come back to visit and show off their beautiful children.  Often they want to give back. Some parents start non-profit organizations to support NICUs, like Isabel’s Gift and Molly’s Mission. The Facebook page Parents & Nurses of AAMC NICU shares thanks and updates. 

In turn, our NICU babies and their families inspire us. We share their “war stories” of hope and inspiration with new parents who are walking the same path. We make sure they know each baby is unique, even beyond what textbooks and statistics say. We are privileged to witness miracles daily (as evidenced by the fight of a 500 gram baby who really can take down any nurse by the end of the shift!) 

Thank you, March of Dimes, the NICU team, and our wonderful patients and families for working with us to make our babies stronger!

Veiw all the adorable pictures from the AAMC NICU’s observation of World Prematurity Day, including two recent NICU graduates and their moms, on SmugMug at    -Chona Hamrock, MPH, BSN, RNC-NIC


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