Why do we do what we do? You might be surprised to read this…

Why do we do what we do? You might be surprised to read this…

Have you ever wondered why some nurses were taught to turn their patients every two hours? Have you ever thought, ‘Why isn’t it every one hour or every three hours?’

You might think this practice is based on an exhaustive scientific study, complete with a large sample size, with findings that have been replicated in other studies.Florence_Nightingale

But you would be wrong.

Turning patients every two hours is based on the account that it took Florence Nightingale two hours to complete her rounds, from one end of the hospital to the other, during the Crimean War.

Here at AAMC, our policies support nurses in using  their assessment skills to determine turning frequency.  

Do you often ask, “Why do we do what we do?” If you are interested in learning more about evidence-based practice and bringing it to the bedside, please consider being a member of the Evidence Based Practice Council, an essential council in AAMC’s Magnet journey. The goal of this council is to promote the use of evidence-based practice at AAMC, as well as to conduct nursing research.

We are looking for new members to meet with us the fourth Tuesday of every month from 0900-1100. Current and upcoming plans include planning the Second Annual Evidence-Based Practice Fair on November 9, bringing Journal Clubs to the unit level, the Bedside Scientist Program, presenting at Grand Rounds during the winter of 2013, and more!

Please contact Cathaleen Ley at cley@aahs.org for more information.  -Mary Cohn, MSN, RN

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