“What Makes a Great Snow Buddy? Mother/Baby Staff Know!” by Amy Titmus

“What Makes a Great Snow Buddy? Mother/Baby Staff Know!” by Amy Titmus

This past February brought historical snow fall that, for most of Annapolis, was paralyzing. In the Mother/Baby Unit, despite the difficulties and numerous inconveniences, the staff joined together. Not only were patients taken care of, new bonds of friendship were formed.

Via Blackberries, i-phones, laptops, and other technologies, a network was created where staff members could update each other on available spaces for rest and transportation. Day and night shifts rotated through beds provided by the hospital and nearby hotels. Spouses, friends, and loved ones with transportation shuttled staff back and forth between home and work—often with only lap space available in their vehicles.

Many of us suffered loss of sleep, but we pulled together, helping each other as best we could. Shared meals and basic toiletries were just small gestures of kindness. Hours spent in conversation and laughter brought many of us closer.

“War buddies” is a term often used to describe the bond created by those that experience an ordeal together and persevere. A war buddy stands by her friend and will do whatever she can to help her. The friend, in turn, will do the same.

In the great scheme of things, our blizzard was small in comparison. But it’s a good feeling to know that the people that I work with make great snow buddies.

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