What has IIC done for you lately?

What has IIC done for you lately?

IIC communicationThe Interdisciplinary Informatics Council (IIC) is always working to improve AAHS’s electronic medical record by providing an avenue of communication between system users (that’s you!) and informatics staff. Our interdisciplinary team hails from all over the hospital and reflects many services and units, both inpatient and outpatient.

Having “everyone at the table” means that no decisions are made without considering the impact they may have on other areas.

What does IIC do for you? At monthly IIC meetings, members bring concerns and suggestions from their units and service lines. They also hear feedback sent in from front line staff. After working together to approve a solution, they take this new information “home,” providing for two way connection between the council and clinical staff.

A few of the recent Alec changes that have passed through IIC include:

  • improvements to Newborn Falls documentation
  • better reports for blood transfusions
  • updating the Ticket to Ride

And currently in the works:

  • Care Management recently underwent a big Alec overhaul to better transition care to outside of the hospital.
  • Safety is being addressed with a new MAR filter to quickly identify hazardous medications.

What can you do for IIC?

  • Make recommendations for improvements. These can include current problems, upcoming needs, and Evidenced Based Practice recommendations. Work with your unit representative to submit improvement requests to the council by using the online request form. Click here to access from in-house.
  • Join our team! Do you have an interest in informatics? Speak with your director/supervisor and see if your area could use some more representation. Have them contact klester@aahs.org with your interest.
  • Talk to your IIC rep. Be on the lookout for updates from your area representative – ask them what’s happening that may affect you and your patients. -Lisa Laking, RNC-NIC, BSN, MSN

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