What can you throw in those recycle bins?

What can you throw in those recycle bins?

As you may have noticed, AAMC has been “going green” the past few months with a comprehensive waste separation and recycling program. We are thrilled at the response and support we have been receiving.

Have you ever wondered what you can actually throw in those recycle bins? In order to help everyone recycle better and more efficiently, here’s a list of what should and should not be going in the recycling bins.

What CAN be recycled

  • plastics
  • glass
  • non-confidentail paper
  • CLEAN food containers (if not clean, please dispose of in regular, clear bag receptacles)
  • flattened cardboard

What can NOT be recycled

  • paper towels
  • anything containing food waste
  • any form of foam, including styrofoam, foam coolers, and packing peanuts

It may surprise you, but according to the EPA, paper accounts for 40-80% of solid waste in office environments. Wow! What paper product could you start recycling today?

Please continue to dispose of confidential paper in the proper consoles. If you have questions regarding what is confidential, as outlined by HIPPA, please contact your supervisor. Thank you for your support of this new program.

-Charlotte Wallace, RN

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