What are our patients thankful for? You.

What are our patients thankful for? You.

To help you celebrate the Thanksgiving season, here are some excerpts from letters sent in by our patients. They are thankful for so many reasons – for the excellent care they received, for sunshiny bedside manner, for open and easy communication, and for compassion. AAMC doctors, nurses and health care staff, thank you for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving!

“To Critical Care Bob, One of our mother’s last wishes was that I write a thank you letter to you. We were all grateful for the way you cared for Mom. You felt like family and we really appreciated your light-hearted humor and gentle attention that put Mom so at ease when she otherwise felt humiliated by her relative helplessness. I treasure the memory of Mom’s smile as you danced with her during transfers. She literally saved the last dance for you. Lucky you… lucky us.”

“My husband has learned that with each chemo treatment, he usually feels extremely fatigued for the first week, and then gradually gains a little more strength. This last treatment was an exception. It seemed as though he was not improving and we were referred to your Emergency Room. From the moment we got there, the staff was extremely attentive. Christine Oslebo, RN, was my husband’s primary nurse. With her good humor and positive attitude regarding her job, she was a perfect match to keep my husband in good spirits. Helen Brown, the NP who took care of my husband was amazing – she was a ray of sunshine. Not only was she professional, her interaction was impeccable.  Dr. Adeeb Jabar was the admitting and discharging physician. He is an outstanding doctor who explained everything in detail, using layman’s terms to make it easy for us to have a full understanding. Lastly, the nurses and techs from the Oncology Unit — positive, attentive, sincere, caring are just a few adjectives to describe the traits of this staff.”

“I am writing to let you know that I am extremely appreciative of the excellent treatment that I received from the staff involved in your Cardiac Rehab Program. Terri Harding, Carol Frazier, Diane Walters and Tom Leahy made me feel very welcome when I entered the program and they each encouraged me all along the way. Even though I live on the Eastern Shore and have a 30 minute drive each way, I always looked forward to coming to ‘class’ primarily because of the staff. I am grateful for what they did for me and my heart. I could not have asked for better treatment.”

“Dr. David Matteson, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your attendance in the immediacy of my emergency situation and your skill in performing my recent surgery. Your staff’s professionalism and competency has proven to be what was needed in taking care of a problem that has plagued me for 2½ years.”

“I was recently a patient in your Emergency Room, ER’s are no stranger to me. Because of that I want to compliment you on the manner in which it operates. More specifically, I would like to single out Anne Ferguson, CRNP. This lady performed her duties in a most professional manner. She took care of my injuries as painlessly as could be hoped for. The entire time I was there she had me believing that I was her only patient.”

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