We’ve been busy: your monthly NSP updates

We’ve been busy: your monthly NSP updates

Below, our Nursing Strategic Planning initiative updates for the month of October:

Evidence-Based Nursing

Co-leads: Cathaleen Ley, Jennifer Herizig. Committee: Cheryl Briggs, Jackie Johnson, Mary Cohn, Elizabeth Marr, Joyce Miller, Fiona St. Remy.

  • Planning a research/evidence-based practice fair for Oct 2011, to include posters from the different quality councils EBP projects and new grad EBP projects. Discussed theme, activities, advertising, contests, funding and dates. 
  • Seeking additional members—especially from Surgical Services and Women’s and Children’s—who are passionate about the use of EBP in nursing practice.

Community Service Initiative (CSI)

Co-leads: E. Misa Ewing, Emily Groves. Committee: Diane Frank, Dana Garver, Meg Hutchings,Virginia Mooney, Michael Owens, Sabita Persaud, Deshirle (Dee) Rowel, Joan Sadler, Debbie Sears, Vicky Tallerico, Mary Ellen Tuma

  • The Light House Shelter is now located at 10 Hudson St., Annapolis. The CSI went on a tour of the facility and it is amazing! All classes/screenings will now be taught at the new facility. Health education and health screening opportunities will be available soon for 2011.
  • Thank you to all those who donated hats, coats, gloves, etc. for the Winter Wear Drive.
  • Seeking unit liaisons—individuals who would like to be the contact person for their unit to assist with the various projects that CSI supports (not required to attend meetings). Also seeking new workgroup members–individuals who would like to attend monthly meetings and help provide opportunities for community service. For more information, check out the Blog: Community Service Initiative seeking new members
  • Upcoming events:
    • Recognition Tea – (Wednesday, Nov. 17 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in HSI, rooms C & D.) We’ll celebrate and thank those individuals who have participated in community service through CSI and provide information on upcoming opportunities for those who would like to know more. All are welcome.
    • Thanksgiving Basket Drive – (Nov. 1-22) Baskets can be brought to the Edwards Surgical Pavilion Conference Room on Friday, Nov. 19 between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.  (contact: Dee Rowel). More information here: Thanksgiving Baskets Needed for Light House Shelter

Staffing and Scheduling

Co-leads: Ann Marie Pessagno, Jill Smitley. Committee: Kristina Anderson, Karen Asplund, Lil Banchero, Sharolyn Bush, Evelyn Farkas, Anne Harnish, Sharon Hilder, Peggy Holston, Jackie Johnson, Nita Jones, Lisa Laking, Cheryl Lamon, Marianne McKiernan, Pat Mlynarski, Cathy Moir, Elise Morris, Deanette Readling, Joan Sadler, Jo Ann Shelley, Deb Swanner, Vicky Timerman

  • Actions taken to date: Revised policies approved through HRC- next to Sherry Perkins for signature: Staff Incentive Plan NAD11.1.15, Notification of Unscheduled Leave NAD11.1.16, Low Census Staffing NAD11.1.14, Weekend Staffing NAD11.1.08, Staff Vacation During Prime Time NAD11.1.12. New policy approved through CPC: Floating to Another Unit #TBD- scheduled to go to HRC.
  • Next Steps/Future Plans: Worked with HR to revise Weekend Alternative Employees HR8.5.13, so staff able to obtain CLB accrual in accordance with policy. This was communicated to staff through Sherry Perkins and Blog article Boosting Benefits for Weekend Alternative Staff, by Tina Anderson.
  • Working on following policies: Staffing and Scheduling NAD11.1.01, Tier Staff/Flex Staff and CLB NAD11.1.09, Holidays HR8.4.04.
  • Continue to collaborate with Professional Nursing Council, Nursing Operations Leadership Council and Human Resources for input and feedback on policy revisions.


Co-leads: Christine Frost, Monica Mewshaw. Committee: Chona Hamrock, Deb Keane, Juli Pastrana, Denise Schmitt, Anita Smith, Amy Vance

Care Delivery Model

Co-leads: Katie Boston, Rita Linnenkamp. Committee: Carol Bell, Michelle Donovan, Kim Dyson, Kamila Frederick, Malori Iman, Don Jump, Rae Leonard, Renee Lester, Judith Loftice, Miranda Merriman, CJ Rovaldi, Eve Sage, Judy Simpson, Anita Smith, Stephanie Thompson

  • Our Patient/Family Advisory Council continues to be consulted on improving way finding and signage on our campus.
  • The Revisiting Visiting Task Force is currently working through visitation considerations with a newly drafted Recovery Room (PACU) policy.
  • Poster presentation at the Patient Safety Fair promoted PFCC (Patient-and Family-Centered Care). Emphasized that partnership with patients and families promotes safety and that sharing patient/family stories is a valuable learning tool.

Cultural Diversity and Workforce Advocacy

Coleads: Sherri Morgan-Johnson, Shirley Faison Everette. Committee:  John Bonaccorsy, Sedonna Brown, Anna Cortez, Keverne Gomar, Vilma Hardesty, Walter (Buddy) Holland, Miles Joebchen, Uyen Joebchen, Mary Ann Julian, Jazmin Manlapaz, Sharon Mooney, Saisa Neel, Darlene Robinson, Alexis Rubin, Clover Springer, Marilou Turner

  • Developing annual diversity course through Healthstream: Diversity In The Workplace.
  • Researching recruitment of patient/family members for the Cultural Diversity committee to promote inclusion and active patient/family centered participation.
  • Upcoming events:
    • Winter Celebration (December 2, 2010, 12-2 p.m. and 5-7 p.m.) Invitations are forthcoming for this multicultural holiday observance. We have more tables to fill and encourage your participation.
    • MLK Celebration (January 2011)

Nursing Informatics Council (NIC)

Leads: Beth Cunane, Nancy Faust.  Committee: Joyce Becker, Kerry Blume, Theresa Bosworth, Julie Brick, Anastasia Brown, Michelle Countiss, Ramona Cunningham, Phoebe Eilenberg, Sandy Fox, Barbara Garn, Jennifer Gurka, Mary Ann Kane, Nancy Kemp, Kimberly King, Susan Kozel, Lisa Laking, Kathie Lester, April Meadows, Susan Meadows, Shanley Minor, John Ness, Judi Newcomb, Kay Patterson, Michelle Perkins, Michelle, Sherry Perkins, Rosanne Proctor, Sumati Rao, Helen Reines, Evelyn Rochlin, Theresa Stinchcomb, Bill Swan, Rachel Turner, Margaret Tyler, Cynthia Vaughn, Lindsay Warwick, Erin Wilber, Dana Wingert, Angela Zazzera

  • Currently have representation from all areas of nursing, as well as ancillary departments.
  • Alec change requests are now coming through NIC. Members review the change using the SBAR approach, make recommendations, give input, and give approval.

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