We’ve been busy! Your February NSP updates

We’ve been busy! Your February NSP updates

Below, our Nursing Strategic Plan (NSP) initiatives’ updates for the month of February.

 Care Delivery Model

  • Big news! Many units have gone live with open visitation, families can visit their loved ones 24/7!
  • Working with HR to incorporate Patient- and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) concepts in new employee orientation, as well as improving PFCC education for current staff. 


  • Our paper newsletter, AAMC Nurse, is phasing out and our new nursing web site is phasing in. This greener, more efficient communication method rolls out soon!
  • The Traveling Coffee House visited Clatanoff and ACP 3, 4, 5, 6. Reps from our Wellness department, Marketing and Communications, and Medical Safety Surveillence Team chatted with staff, and two lucky staff won a free massage and yoga classes. Email nursingcommunication@aahs.org for opportunities to connect with your fellow nurses using the Coffee House as a platform.
  • Our Blog gets thousands of visits each month. Do you have news for the whole house or our community? Post it on our Blog. Contact mmewshaw1@aahs.org for details. 

Community Service Initiative (CSI)

  • Thank you to the Celebrations Committee for their Valentine’s Day fundraising, as well as those who supported their efforts—a generous donation was made to Light House, in addition to Valentine’s Day cards for the residents.
  • Homeless Resource Day is here again! Eight volunteers will be needed for three hours each on Saturday, March 26. An email with more information will be coming soon.
  • CSI is continuing to develop a “Resident Advocacy” program at Light House. These volunteers will work with individuals and families at Light House to intake and prioritize their health/wellness needs, as well as assisting them in connecting with available community resources.  

Evidence-Based Practice

  • Recently worked through several articles to equip members with a sound understanding of differences between research studies, EBP studies, and quality improvement projects, as well as the importance of an EBP Council.
  • Updated policy on Nursing Research
  • Continued to plan Nursing Research Fair, to be held next fall.    

Interdisciplinary Informatics Council (IIC)

  • Restraint care plans and education will go live soon, nurses should use education area only, flowsheet rows will be removed.
  • Alec upgrade starting in April. Changes needed after March should fit into four categories: financial, regulatory, stability, and patient safety.
  • Coming soon, Wisdom from the Field, a compilation of our nurses tips and tricks for navigating the system most effectively. 

Staffing & Scheduling

  • Working on final signature for seven policies, more info soon!
  • Working on CPT/Tier/Flex supplemental staffing policy in collaboration with HR
  • Began discussions on premium pay policy.

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