We’ve been busy! AAMC’s Nursing Strategic Plan updates

We’ve been busy! AAMC’s Nursing Strategic Plan updates

Evidence-Based Nursing

Co-leads: Cathaleen Ley and Jennifer Herizig. Committee Cheryl Briggs, Jackie Johnson, Joyce Miller, Mary Cohn, Fiona St Remy, Elizabeth Marr.

  • Changed name from Nursing Research to Evidence-Based Nursing, better reflecting the primary focus of the council.
  • Set goals to develop resources to support evidence-based practice (EBP), as well explore resources we already have here at AAMC.
  • Seeking additional members—especially from Surgical Services and Women’s and Children’s—who are passionate about the use of EBP in nursing practice.

Community Service Initiative (CSI)

Co-leads: E. Misa Ewing, Emily Groves. Committee: Joan Sadler, Debbie Sears, Deshirle (Dee) Rowel, Dana Garver, Michael Owens, Diane Frank, Virginia Mooney, Vicky Tallerico, Meg Hutchings, Mary Ellen Tuma, Sabita Persaud

  • Seeking unit liaisons—individuals who would like to be the contact person for their unit to assist with the various projects that CSI supports. Also seeking new initiative members – individuals who would like to attend monthly meetings and help provide opportunities for community service.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Recognition Tea – (Wednesday, Nov. 17 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in HSI, rooms C & D.) We’ll celebrate and thank those individuals who have participated in community service through CSI and provide information on upcoming opportunities for those who would like to know more. All are welcome.
    • Winter Wear Drive– (Oct. 11-22, more info to follow.) Please donate new or gently used coats, hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves to benefit the Light House Shelter.
    • Thanksgiving Basket Drive – (Nov. 1-22, more info to follow.) Which unit will donate the most baskets to the clients of the Light House Shelter and our community?
    • New 2011 Health Education Class Schedule coming soon – two new classes to be added, as well as the addition of blood pressure screenings twice a month. New education topic: Men’s Health—educators needed.
    • The Light House’s new facility will be opening soon, this means we will be able to open our nurse managed clinic and will have opportunities for health educators, client advocates, and flu shot clinic positions.

Staffing and Scheduling

Co-leads: Ann Marie Pessagno, Jill Smitley. Committee: Kristina Anderson, Karen Asplund, Lil Banchero, Sharolyn Bush, Evelyn Farkas, Anne Harnish, Sharon Hilder, Peggy Holston, Jackie Johnson, Nita Jones, Lisa Laking, Cheryl Lamon, Marianne McKiernan, Pat Mlynarski, Cathy Moir, Elise Morris, Deanette Readling, Joan Sadler, Jo Ann Shelley, Deb Swanner, Vicky Timerman


Co-leads: Christine Frost, Monica Mewshaw. Committee: Chona Hamrock, Deb Keane, Juli Pastrana, Denise Schmitt, Anita Smith

  • Currently working with PR to update our Nursing Web site. Our goal? Consistently updated content and improved ease of use.
  • Recent photo shoot covered the entire hospital. Pictures of nurses doing what they do best—caring for patients—will be used on the Web site, Blog, and other medias.
  • Traveling Coffee House evolution: for the last two years, we’ve brought NSP news to you—along with cookies, of course. Starting this month, we’re branching out. Visit with HR regarding the new process for employee evaluations. Chat with IV Therapy, as well, to learn more about our new pumps and IV equipment.
  • Recruitment in progress! Check out our wanted ad, Communications Initiative Seeking New Members, and email cfrost@aahs.org or mmewshaw1@aahs.org with questions.

Care Delivery Model

Co-leads: Katie Boston, Rita Linnenkamp. Committee: Carol Bell, Susana Bradbury, Michelle Donovan, Kim Dyson, Stephanie Thompson, Cathaleen Ley, Judith Loftice, Pat Mlynarski, Deanne Tearnes

  • Exploring family presence and revisiting visiting. First taskforce met in Sept.
  • Institute for Patient- and Family Centered-Care consultation held in Aug-Sept. Sixty staff, who had previously attended NSP retreat, sat down with Joanna Kaufman to work through feedback.
  • Patient/Family Advisory workgroup, with eight patients and family members on board, are making recommendations for proposed sign for new tower. Great insight and perspective from this group.

Nursing informatics council (NIC)

Leads: Kathie Lester, Beth Cunane, Nancy Faust. Committee: Joyce Becker, Theresa Bosworth, Fannie Choy, Barbara Garn, Kira Gleeson, Susan Kozel, Brittany Metzger, Sumati Rao, Rachel Turner, Cynthia Vaughn, Angela Zazzera

  • Sherry B. Perkins, Kathie Lester, and Joyce Becker recently attended the Epic convention and presented what AAMC has learned through our Alec implementation process.
  • Continue to work through documentation issues. This month’s focus—blood product administration.

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    Could not help but notice under the heading “New 2011 Health Education Class coming soon; Men’s Health Education”. Would like to see classes on body image, “real health” not just the typical “erectile dysfunction/prostate problems”, relationships from a male perspective, how men can utilize their health benfits and the poor image portrayed of men in the public relations and marketing venues. This is a step in the right direction!!

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