West coast mommy benefits from AAMC’s amazing Lactation services

West coast mommy benefits from AAMC’s amazing Lactation services

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Today the spotlight is on AAMC’s amazing Lactation Consultants! We know they work small miracles each day for the moms and babies in our care – and in this special story, they helped enable a stressed-out momma to better care for both her baby and her own mother.

Mrs. M, a patient’s daughter, recently arrived in Annapolis. Her mother had unexpectedly become ill and was a patient here at AAMC. Though Mrs. M lived many states away and had two small children at home, this dedicated daughter wanted to be close to her mother while she was hospitalized.

Since Mrs. M was still nursing her youngest child, she had been hand pumping and shipping her breast milk across the country — until one of her friends told her about AAMC’s Lactation Consultants and suggested she ask for help.

Mrs. M contacted Peggy Haines, RN, IBCLC, and the Lactation team sprang into action. Since Mrs. M’s mother’s room was not conducive to successful pumping (nor was the bathroom she sometimes used), Peggy arranged for her to use a hospital grade pump kit in the pump room in the North Tower. Peggy and her colleague, Victoria Norton, BSN, RN, IBCLC, also worked with Mrs. M to increase her milk supply, which had become an issue due to stress and inconsistent pumping. 

Mrs. M was so grateful. She spoke to Peggy about how wonderful the nursing care had been for her mother, how her local girlfriends rave about AAMC’s L&D and Lactation Department, and how she was so happy to have a clean place to pump her milk with a quality pump. She flew back home but will be coming back to AAMC to visit her mother again soon.


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