Welcome to our New Grad Nurses!

Welcome to our New Grad Nurses!

Welcome to our July 2010 cohort of nursing new grads! For the next few months, this group will journey together through our intensive Nursing Graduate Internship, studying nursing skills, code management, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and stress management.

Later in the year, they will have the opportunity to attend continuing education classes focusing on professional development and research—culminating with the presentation of an evidence based practice project.

Most of our new grads are not new to AAMC—in fact, most of them were employed here as PCT’s while in nursing school. So, while they may not need your help finding the cafeteria, they do need your warm welcome to nursing.  

July 2010 cohort, we are glad to have you!

Lynn Canade (OBS)          Shahde Graham-Coker  (PCU)

Myisha Davis (OR)          Mary Hall (MSU)

Becki Derr (OBS)          Lauren Shaffer (OR)

Anna Drapalski  (WSU)          Kathy Sowa (PCU)

Alyssa Finlayson (ONC)           Kristen Toulotte (ED)

Rachael Fitzsimmons (L&D)          Ashley Waterbury (M/B)

Brittany Foscue (MSU)          Nicole Zentgraff  (GSU)



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