Welcome to our New Grad Nurses!

Welcome to our New Grad Nurses!

Welcome to our July 2010 cohort of nursing new grads! For the next few months, this group will journey together through our intensive Nursing Graduate Internship, studying nursing skills, code management, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and stress management.

Later in the year, they will have the opportunity to attend continuing education classes focusing on professional development and research—culminating with the presentation of an evidence based practice project.

Most of our new grads are not new to AAMC—in fact, most of them were employed here as PCT’s while in nursing school. So, while they may not need your help finding the cafeteria, they do need your warm welcome to nursing.  

July 2010 cohort, we are glad to have you!

Lynn Canade (OBS)          Shahde Graham-Coker  (PCU)

Myisha Davis (OR)          Mary Hall (MSU)

Becki Derr (OBS)          Lauren Shaffer (OR)

Anna Drapalski  (WSU)          Kathy Sowa (PCU)

Alyssa Finlayson (ONC)           Kristen Toulotte (ED)

Rachael Fitzsimmons (L&D)          Ashley Waterbury (M/B)

Brittany Foscue (MSU)          Nicole Zentgraff  (GSU)



  1. Posted by Sherri Morgan-Johnson, at Reply

    Welcome and congratulations to all the new grads. A special welcome to Shahde Graham-Coker. We first met during the winter blizzard, when My husband and I brought her to work. She struck me as a dedicated and compassionate PCT. I’m so proud of her accomplishment and transition to RN. Congratulations!

  2. Posted by Jan Clemons, at Reply

    Congratulations and welcome to each one of you! You are so valuable to each unit and we appreciate your enthusiasm. Oncology especially wants to welcome Alyssa. She is one of our “home grown” oncology staff members. Alyssa is an amazingly compassionate person who is now excelling as a new nurse. We are so fortunate to have her join our staff.

  3. Posted by Christine, at Reply

    Brittany and Mary have been on the unit for about two weeks and have already become part of the MSU family. We have always had great success with our new grad program on MSU and are looking forward to orienting and developing these 2 bright stars. Welcome to Brittany and Mary.

    • Posted by Mary Etta Barbour, at Reply

      I had the pleasure of working with Brittany when she was a Student Nurse Tech on Observation….she was a great Tech and sure to be a terrific nurse. Her wonderful attitude and kind caring touch is sure to contribute to “making it great” here at Anne Arundel Medical Center!!

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