Welcome to AAMC’s newest PCTs

Welcome to AAMC’s newest PCTs

Congratulations to AAMC’s newest PCT’s, who recently completed their on-site program and became certified as CNA’s. This week, they joined with chief nurse Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN, AAMC colleagues and their families for a graduation ceremony.

Pictured here from left to right are Elisa Stanley (Flex), Camilla Smith (5N), Sovann Nhek (ONC), Karla Thornton (ED), Brittany Jones (JSU), Jewel Coleman (Neuro), and Julie Stephan (Flex). Not pictured are Jamika Brooks (SCU), Lisa Cook (NICU), Octavia Gross (OBS), Jennifer Herlihy (GSU), Brett Lott (GSU), Tiona Sesker (HVU), and Demetria Smith (5N).

One of the highlights of the ceremony was hearing what each unit had to say about the hard work and dedication that each of these PCT’s has put in to the program. Check out their encouraging words:

Jamika Brooks – Jamika has been doing wonderfully. She’s adapted to SCU very well.  She has a good attitude and has been a team player. We are happy having her join our family and hope she stays!

Jewel Coleman – Jewel has great determination and persistence.  She maintains a positive outlook regardless of what is thrown her way. With her first-rate attitude, we expect great things from Jewel on the Neuro Care Unit!  

Lisa Cook – We are so proud of Lisa’s work and professionalism. Congratulations are definitely in order for her great accomplishment and hard work. Lisa is quickly and easily adapting to her new position in the NICU. Lisa works well with all the nurses and takes pride in new skills. She works diligently with the staff to make our parents feel comfortable in the NICU and to enhance patient satisfactions.

Octavia Gross – Octavia is highly skilled at making her patients and coworkers feel at ease. She has a calming effect. She is gaining new skills every day. and is a natural at caring for patients.

Jennifer Herlihy – Jen is compassionate and sweet when interacting with the patients. She has a positive attitude, is eager to learn new things, and always seeks feedback to find ways to improve her care. She demonstrates excellent communication with the patients and nurses. GSU welcomes her professionalism and energy!

Brittany Jones – Words from her PCT preceptor: Brittany was WONDERFUL to work with. I have never seen someone so willing to take a spectralink in my life! I must say that there was a time when her shift was over and a patient called her phone. Since her shift was over, she could have given the next shift the phone and left, but because of her dedication she went into the patient’s room to care for him at 7:30pm and did not get released from him until 8:00pm. All in all, BRITTANY IS MY HERO! Please tell her, she did a great job and WELCOME TO JOINT/SPINE!!!

Brett Lott – Brett is a fast learner and provides very efficient care. He demonstrates a great deal of respect for his patients and cares for them as if they were his own family. He never passes a room with a call light on without going in to answer. He has made a wonderful start and we look forward to great things in the future.

Sovann Nhek – Having worked with Sovann the past couple of weeks here on the Oncology floor has been a pure pleasure. Sovann is honestly the most gentle and compassionate person I have worked with. Never a complaint or hesitation; she does her job and goes the extra mile with an added smile.  Sovann is a refreshing addition to our unit.

Tiona Sesker – Tiona is hard working and eager to learn.  She has jumped right in and is already an integral part of our team.  She is very flexible and we are excited to have her working for us.

Camilla Smith – Camilla has been flexible with her schedule to meet the needs of 5 North. She has excellent computer skills and documentation and she is always cheerful!

Demetra Smith – Demetra is very thorough. She always sees that her patient’s needs are met throughout and at the end of her shift and goes the “extra mile.”

Elisa Stanley – A note from a Special Care Unit nurse. We very much appreciated Elisa the other night. She was wonderful. She pitched in and helped whenever we needed her. We never had to tell her what needed to be done, she just did it. It was a very difficult night and she cared for some particularly complex patients. Please give Elisa a big WELL DONE.

Julie Stephan – Julie is patient and kind. She enjoys learning the new skills and floating to all of the different units as a Flex PCT.

Karla Thornton -The ED welcomes Karla to our tech family. She is able to fit right into the chaos of the ED, as she was our EKG tech before entering the PCT class at AAMC. She also loves to walk very fast, which comes in quite handy in our very large space! She has learned her technical skills very well, and we are very lucky to have her as one of our ED techs.


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