Listen Here! The Voice of the Patient

Listen Here! The Voice of the Patient


During a phone survey process to measure patient satisfaction, the very last question asked is: “Thinking of this visit, what one thing could the emergency department have done better?” Upon their consent, the patient’s comments are recorded. 

Below, in their own words, are some of the wonderful things our patients are saying about AAMC’s ED team:

I just want to thank the Anne Arundel Medical Center for treating my son. You took very good care of him and he was very satisfied with the radiology and the nurse that came in and both doctors, the triage doctor and the doctor that actually seen him…so you guys did a great job!”

 Actually, there’s nothing that I think they could’ve done any better. They actually went above and beyond my expectations for our little girl whenever we took her there. They took their time with her and they made sure she got medication which helped bring her temperature down and they were just really, really good and they were very courteous to us.”

I was impressed by their courtesy and their decency and their accuracy…and I pray to God to continue to give them the long strength to be able to do their job in very humble and decent manners.”

As far as anything you could do better, I don’t think there’s anything you can really do better. The ER is sort of a miracle place anyhow. I’m a retired policeman, I’ve been to many ER’s and I gotta say, it was–for being some place you really don’t want to go–it was not really traumatic being in there. Everybody was helpful and concerned. I was pleasantly surprised.”

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