Training on Wheels: AAMC Staff Climb Aboard for Hands-on Surgical Training

Training on Wheels: AAMC Staff Climb Aboard for Hands-on Surgical Training

A unique training opportunity was recently offered to AAMC staff. Last weekend, the Medtronic Satellite Training Center arrived on our campus. This massive 80-foot vehicle contained four simulated operating rooms, a twenty person conference room, and cadaver storage. Throughout the day, over twenty people had the opportunity to participate in both hands-on training and classroom style learning.

“Staff were able to expose, decompress, and fixate the thoracic and lumbar spine with guidance from both our reps and the wonderful team on the truck,” said Erin Gordon, Neuro/Spine Team Leader. “Later that evening, during the formal course, Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Burke gave very informative and entertaining presentations about spinal anatomy and pathology, giving the staff a better understanding of why we perform specific procedures on each patient. They then took the time to guide us through some of the procedures letting us ‘be the surgeons.’”

OR nurse, Jenna Gunther, looks right at home on board the Training Center vehicle

This simulation enabled staff to enhance their clinical skills  in a highly sophisticated, risk-free, simulated medical setting. “A cadaver lab is a unique and exciting opportunity that most of the staff had never had the chance to experience and I believe we all gained a lot from it,” said Erin.

“This was a fabulous opportunity for everyone that was involved,” said Katie Boston. R.N., Senior Director, Surgical Services, “I had never been a part of anything like that and my mouth was agape!”

Where you able to attend this training? What was the most valuable thing you learned?



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