Have questions? Town Halls start this week.

Have questions? Town Halls start this week.

Town-HallPresident and CEO Tori Bayless will roll out the results of the Employee Survey you completed last fall. She will also talk about system growth, how Vision 2020 will help us meet the goals of healthcare reform, and plenty of other topics.

The Town Halls are a safe environment for you to ask questions and provide feedback. One Energize fleece will be raffled per session.

  • Friday, Feb. 17, 1:30pm, Defense Highway
  • Saturday, Feb. 18, 12:30pm, Rotary Room
  • Monday, Feb. 20, 7:30pm, Rotary Room
  • Tuesday, Feb. 21, Noon, Doordan Institute
  • Monday, Feb. 27, Noon, Doordan Institute
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 7:30am, Rotary Room
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28, 3:30pm, Pathways

Got a question? Email it to together@AAHS.org.

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