The top 5 things to do this week

The top 5 things to do this week

Dear Nursing Staff: We’re at Day 3 of our Magnet® countdown and there is no doubt in my mind we’re ready for our site visit. Today’s theme is Top 5 Friday – enjoy this opportunity for a last minute review via our Top 5.  

5. Remember to brag: Yes, your mom taught you it was bad manners to brag, but come Monday, we want you to ignore her advice (just this once). Be ready talk yourself up! When you meet with a appraiser don’t be shy – tell them who you are and what you’ve done here. Proudly share with them your projects, committee work, and how you care for patients. Tell them about your amazing coworkers and some of your unit’s accomplishments. Think of a few stories in advance and keep them in the back of your head. Brag away, we won’t tell mom.

4. Go online: Still have questions about empirical outcomes, the Professional Practice Model (PPM) or shared governance? All the educational resources we’ve developed over the last few months are posted on the Nursing web site, take a few minutes to review them.

3. Celebrate. With all the preparation that we have done for Magnet®, it’s easy to make the association that this visit will be like a Joint Commission survey. They are actually quite different: this visit is a celebration of the work we have done – don’t be afraid to communicate that!

2. Got PPM? Are you sporting a PPM tattoo? It may have been a few years since you wore a temporary tattoo, but staff all over the hospital seem to be enjoying their little PPMs. During the 60 seconds it takes to apply your tattoo, think about the ways you apply the PPM to your everyday nursing practice! You could even share this example with the surveyors (see Tip #5).

1. Be who you are, an AAMC nurse. To reiterate Wednesday’s message, we have not let the tail wag the dog. We have used the Magnet® structure, leadership, practice and science to create better outcomes. This has resulted in a Magnet® application and now, a site visit. Regardless of what happens next, we have done the right thing for our patients, our staff and our community. 

For all that you do, thank you.

Let me know what you think. -Sherry

P.S. In honor of dogs and tails, Eve Sage’s Fenwick shows his support (apparently the temporary tattoo wouldn’t stick…)


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