Top 11 blog entries of 2011

Top 11 blog entries of 2011

This week, it seems every major news publication, website, and TV show is doing a recap of 2011. Here at the Chat, we also enjoy reminiscing over a year of change, challenge and  achievement. Enjoy re-reading the top 11 blog entries of 2011. Out of 334 stories, these either tallied up the most comments, were the most widely discussed in hallways and break rooms, or documented major events in the history of our hospital.  Which was your favorite?

As the New Year begins, make sure to re-read the entries by Dr. Czapp, which focus on wellness. Her three-part series is full of great advice that could help in your resolution-setting.

To our AAMC Nurses, thank you for making 2011 a year to remember! Cheers!

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