They’re new grads no more! Learn more about these special nurses and all they have achieved over the last year.

They’re new grads no more! Learn more about these special nurses and all they have achieved over the last year.


Congrats to AAMC’s Nurse Residency grads! From left to right: Karla Thornton (ED), Megan Mascetti (HVU), Kelly Bosworth (SCU), Karen Dove (HVU), Catherine (White) Miller (SCU), Stephanie White (ONC). Not pictured, Mariel Parrish (HVU).

On January 16, 2015, we celebrated the graduation of our February 2014 cohort of Nurse Residents. This twelve month program supports the transition of new graduate nurses as they journey from classroom theory to real-life bedside nursing. Together, they’ve studied nursing skills, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and stress management—and are well on their way to becoming seasoned AAMC nurses.

The Nurse Residency Program model has been proven to increase retention rates amongst new grads within the first year of practice, improve patient outcomes and better prepares nurse graduates for entry into practice, while providing a full year of support.

These nurse graduates celebrated their accomplishments, surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and their unit leadership. Sherry Perkins, COO/CNO congratulated each of them as she read some kind words from their unit. They also each received a certificate, pin, and a small tree seedling which symbolizes the growth they will achieve throughout their nursing career.

Here’s what their unit’s had to say about each of AAMC’s Nurse Residency grads:

Kelly Bosworth (SCU): 

We want to congratulate Kelly! From all your friends on SCU,
we knew that you would make it as part of our nursing crew.

Night shift has been a brighter place, Since Kelly came aboard.
She greets her patients with a smiling face and it helps them feel reassured.

Her daughter is a cheerleader, but I think that we all can see,
In Kelly’s care and enthusiasm, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I can’t believe I’m saying this: in each storm there is a bright patch of blue.
We would not have Kelly here with us if it wasn’t for the flu!

After nursing school she helped us out by giving out flu vaccines,
in employee health she cared for us and then fate intervened.

She eventually came to Special Care and now we are so glad she’s here.
Congratulations Kelly, here’s to another awesome year!

Catherine Miller (SCU):

Hurray for Cat, you made it finally to this day!
It’s been a long road from being a tech to being the awesome nurse you are today.

Cat started out working as a tech as many nursing students do;
working and studying both day and night she was a loved member of MSU.

Then when it came to being a new grad, off she went to SCU
and she worked so hard this past year and now she is a loved member there, too!

Cat was so excited to be a new grad that on her very first day we found
she was so very happy, she passed out on the ground.

And was being a new grad this past year enough for her to take?
Nope! She added a husband and a baby like it was just a piece of cake!

So enjoy all the happiness of this past year you deserve it and so much more,
and don’t forget your sunglasses with your future as bright as a meteor!

Karen Dove (HVU): Enthusiastic, positive, dependable and cheerful is how Karen was described by her peers. Karen has great critical thinking and problem solving skills. She is a nurse who is known as always going above and beyond for her patients. She seems to have very easily and seamlessly learned how to manage and care for the patients on HVU after starting out on NCU. Compassionate and thoughtful, Karen gives the impression that she’s been doing this for a lot longer than one year. We are fortunate to have her on HVU and so are our patients.

Mariel Parrish (HVU): We are very happy to have Mariel on HVU. Mariel is very dependable and cheerful, always coming to work with a smile and a positive attitude. She is a great team player, always willing to help her co-workers. Mariel provides compassionate, professional, quality care to her patients. Seen by her peers as a hard worker, she is not afraid to face a challenge. Mariel takes advantage of opportunities to learn and grow on the unit. She has developed her bedside nursing skills as wells her critical thinking skills. We are glad to have her on our team.

Megan Mascetti (HVU): Meghan has made a fantastic transition to RN to the HVU. Meghan began working on the HVU as a PCT back in 2009. Over the past few years she successfully juggled both her work and school obligations, achieving her Nursing degree in 2014. It has been inspiring to watch Megan achieve her goal of becoming a nurse and to grow into her role as an RN on HVU. Megan has really grown over the year. She is very laid back and has an easy going personality, but when it comes to her patients she is very serious and always advocating for the patients best interest. Megan is not afraid to ask questions regarding something that she does not understand. We are honored to have her on HVU!

Karla Thornton (ED): We are very happy to have Karla as part of the ED team; she has a way with her patient that is truly a gift. Karla began her career at AAMC in 2010 as an EKG Technician, and then entered our PCTII program in October 2011. Landing her dream job as new grad in the ED, she is very motivated and has grown immensely. She has good communication and is very conscientious in her patient care. If she feels the need to ask a question or gain clarity, she will do so to ensure patient safety. Karla’s peers are proud to work beside her and trust her to deliver quality patient care.

Stephanie White (ONC): Stephanie is an amazing asset to the Oncology unit. She brings a unique perspective to the oncology patient population as a cancer survivor herself. A patient recently described Stephanie as “a sparkling bubbling ball of happiness that made my stay so much better.” She is an exceptional patient advocate, strong clinical thinker, and an active member of the oncology team. She brings such energy and enthusiasm to this specialty unit. She has accomplished much in her short time with us, such as: working on our new process for SQ opioid infusions for End of Life Care, on the house wide Blood Stream Infection committee, co-chair to the unit Quality Council, and now Chair for our Quality Council. Stephanie is professionally growing by leaps and bounds while planning a wedding for later this year. We are so excited to have her as such a stellar part of our oncology team.

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