They’re heeeere – our new pumps, that is

They’re heeeere – our new pumps, that is

AAMC’s new Hospira infusion and PCA pumps are in. Hundreds of single and triple channel Plum A+® Infusion Systems and new LifeCare PCA® pumps are awaiting final programming.

Here’s an update on where we are in the project timeline.

  • All the pumps are in and assembled, thanks to Biomed Pump Technicians Audrey Nagle and Bill Reem (see below). The drug library will be finalized at the end of October and the pumps will receive final programming. The final drug library review will be October 28 in the HSI conference center. All drug library champions will attend.

    Audrey Nagle and Bill Reem are our Agency Biomed pump techs. These two literally emptied tractor trailers full of pumps and poles, assembled them all, and tested each one!

  • IV pump training classes begin November 10-16. If you haven’t signed up for training class via EdTrack by now, please do so as soon as possible. Training is mandatory and classes are filling up, but there are still plenty of spots available. There is a maximum class size of 20 students in each class.
  • We will begin to see some new disposables soon, such as IV extension sets, luer access injection valves, and sterile end caps. An informational in-service schedule will be made available to staff in the next few days. Staff will begin seeing these new IV extension sets on Monday, Oct. 25.
  • New PCA keys will arrive soon. The new keys will be distributed to each unit and located in the Pyxis machines. At that time, all staff will be instructed to return their old PCA keys.
  • In the beginning of November, a Go-Live schedule, showing dates and times of each individual department’s transition, will be distributed.

There will be more information distributed to AAMC staff in the weeks to come. We are almost there!  GO LIVE is Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010.

 -Clint Welch, RN, CRNI (Project Manager)

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