These teens could be your doctor, nurse, or therapist one day!

These teens could be your doctor, nurse, or therapist one day!

High School Healthcare Exploration Program 2013 052

Students get a "dose" of reality in the pharmacy!

This June, AAMC successfully completed its sixth annual High School Health Care Exploration program. This program was created to inspire community youth to pursue a career in health care by providing a behind-the-scenes look at our care. Its attendees, in many cases, go on to declare college majors in nursing, pre-med, physical therapy, and the sciences.

Twelve students from area high schools attended the four-day program. During the camp, they were CPR certified, practiced surgical simulation in our new SAIL Center, toured the ED, lab, and pharmacy, learned about helicopter transport and spent time with AAMC staff on several units.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Without this program, I would’ve never really gotten an actual idea of how I would fit in with healthcare, and now I do.  We saw so many things that helped me.

I really enjoyed attending the program.  I found everyone knowledgeable and very welcoming to each place we visited. It has definitely added more interest to pursuing a healthcare career.  Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts to bring us in and let us explore healthcare!

A great and educational program!

I wish camp was longer!!

A big thank you to Alex Bennof, MSN, RN and Jenn Wilson, MSN, RN-BC, the program coordinators, and all the AAMC staff who helped make this week possible.


  1. Posted by sandy weinstein, at Reply

    Hello I work here at AAMC and have a 15 yr old who would be interested in the program, can you please send me link to sign up for the next program?

    Regards, Sandra Weinstein RN

    • Posted by Jenn Wilson, at Reply

      Good morning,
      We send these out each March to the area high schools once the application is finalized for that year. We can advertize through the blog next year in hopes to reach more people. Please feel free to contact me at with questions.
      Thanks for your interest,

  2. Posted by Valerie Reed, at Reply

    I just wanted to comment on what an amazing experience this was for my daughter. She is in the process of selecting colleges and deciding what to study. This program really focused her toward a career in a medical field. She learned so much from the outstanding program coordinators and all the professionals she was able to meet along the way. Thank you for this and keep it up.

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