There’s something about Mary – Mary Cohn, RN honored with DAISY Award

There’s something about Mary – Mary Cohn, RN honored with DAISY Award

Last week, Mary Cohn, RN, who works in AAMCs Special Care Unit, was presented with The DAISY Award. This national foundation and award was established to recognize extraordinary bedside nurses, honoring the compassion, knowledge and care that they provide their patients every day.

Mary’s coworkers from SCU packed into the 6th floor conference room to show their support. Also present that day was Tena Barns, co-founder of the Daisy Foundation, who traveled from Atlanta to be part of the big surprise, Chip Doordan, and Tori Bayless.

Sherry B. Perkins, AAMC’s Chief Nursing Officer, had the honor of presenting Mary with the award. During the ceremony, several staff expressed their admiration of Mary, including Dr. Mark Sanchez, who referred to her as his “mentor.” 

Here, some excerpts from Mary’s DAISY Award nomination:

  • Whether Mary is in charge or here on the team, she helps with a smile and is super accountable, professional and loving. She touches the hearts of her patients. She painted the windows in SCU and CCU to bring patients joy and peace while the windows were covered for construction. –Carrie Singer


  • As a new graduate RN, I feel very lucky to have Mary as my preceptor. Since the first day, she has set a wonderful example of how to provide the best nursing care possible. She always stresses that we are not caring for the patient, but also for their family. She makes it a priority to make sure there were no unanswered questions or needs of the families. She has been a wonderful role model for me and I believe that she has been the main influence for instilling compassion and empathy in—not just me—but in all the staff. She is loved by all staff and patients.  -Tiffany Oates
  • The hospital experience is often a challenging and difficult situation for the patient as well as the family. Mary has gone above and beyond her expected duties. She has kept us informed and meticulously managed my mother’s health care in a consistent and caring manner. Staff members like Mary are an integral part of the healing process! –an SCU patient’s family member

Mary embodies the qualities of an extraordinary bedside nurse and has made an enormous difference in the lives of many people. Please join us in congratulating her here!

-Lil Banchero, RN


  1. Posted by monicam, at Reply
    Mary is on the DAISY web site, too!

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  3. Posted by Danette Readling, at Reply

    Congratulations Mary!

    I always enjoyed working side by side with you on the Special Care Unit. You are such an asset to nursing! You truly deserve this award! You always say or do something to brighten the day.

  4. Posted by Vicky, at Reply

    How wonderful! I am so happy and proud of you. Congratulations Mary!!!

  5. Posted by Geri Raber, at Reply

    Congratulations, Mary! Looks like this was a well deserved and emotional event for you. We are lucky to have you care for the people in our community and serve as a mentor for other staff. It is well known in our institution that there are special nurses in special care! It means a lot that our leadership can recognize this and share your example with the rest of us. You go, girl!

  6. Posted by Stephanie Thompson, at Reply

    Conratulations Mary! It was wonderful to read how your coworkers respect and admire you. What a special honor and blesing it is to know you imact your patients and your cowokers in such a powerful way 🙂

  7. Posted by Christine, at Reply

    We are so delighted and proud of you. What a great celebration this was.
    Thanks for everything you do for your unit, staff and patients.

  8. Posted by Megan Tyler, at Reply

    Congratulations Mary!

    You truly derserve this honor. I am so lucky to have been a witness to your care, compassion, and respect for your patients and their families. You deserve all the praise you received that day and so much more. I am so lucky to have you and all of the other wonderful staff we work with all day, evening, and night on our Special Care Unit.

    Congratulations again!

    <3 Megan

    Kudos to Sandra Adams for her beautiful song she sang for us that day! <3

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