The voice of the patient – at orientation?

The voice of the patient – at orientation?

There’s a fresh face at new employee orientation.

Since August, new employees have been, quite literally, hearing the voice of our patients through Kermit Wright, one of AAMC’s patient family advisors. 

Mr. Wright has been a patient in several of AAMC’s departments over the years. Now, twice a month, he volunteers to share his insights with our new employees. His magnetic presence and engaging speaking style makes his brief time in orientation extremely memorable. 

As he shared some of his experiences at AAMC with the most recent group of new hires, he mentioned he has “always had wonderful care at AAMC.” He especially appreciates working with those staff who have a great sense of humor. “If you realize when you come to work that you are having a bad day, go somewhere and count to ten and then come back,” he smiles. 

Mr. Wright acknowledges that, as employees, we face challenges in our roles every day. But he encourages the group to remember what it’s like to be a patient. “It’s hard. You are going through a lot of changes.”

Without a doubt, collaborating with patient family advisors is changing the way we provide care at AAMC for the better. And people like Kermit Wright, who are willing to share their stories, are making a world of difference.

Would your committee or workgroup benefit from the advice of a patient family advisor? Submit a request here.  -Stephanie Thompson, RN, BSN, and RIta Linnenkamp, RN

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