The News You’ve Been Waiting For… the Excellence Award Winners!

The News You’ve Been Waiting For… the Excellence Award Winners!

Rookie of the Year:

Valerie O’Connell – PCU

Concetta Brand – CCU

Lauren Neff – ED

Rachel Turner – MSU

Rachel Livingston – GSU

Mary Dekowsky – ACP OR

Joanna Walker – Oncology


Chemical Dependency Technician/Patient Care Technician – Outpatient and Pathways:

Angela Francis – PCT II Breast Center


Patient Care Technician – Acute Care:

Anthony Banchero – PCT II ED


Surgical Technician/Patient Care Technician – Women’s & Children’s:

Pam Schwartz – PCT II Pediatrics


Surgical Technician/Patient Care Technician – Surgical Services:

Bonnie Havenner – Surg Tech II Edwards Surgical


Nurse Excellence by Unit – Nurse Role:

Burnita Bartlett – GSU

Beth Harris – JSC

Anne Holland – ESP OR

Jean Eger – Prep Team

Carol Bevivino – ESP PACU

Elaine Stamateris – Short Stay

Gerianne Fraddosio – ACP OR

Kathy Bieler – ACP PACU

Heidi Monz – Cardiac Cath Lab

Kathy Shiring – Interventional Radiology

Emily Groves – MSU

Megan Tyler– SCU

Charlotte Wallace – Pediatrics

Shirley Faison Everette – CCU

Kristina Gibson – Mother Baby

Sedonna Brown – ED

Katie Heibel – NICU

Rachelle Synoracki – L&D

Megan Asbury – Observation

Debra Keane – Flex

Michael Owens – Vascular Access

John Morandi – Admissions Unit

Despina Smith – Oncology

Amy Nudell – PCU


Nurse Excellence in an Outpatient Role:

Elizabeth Egan – Research Nurse


Nurse Excellence in a Non-Traditional Role:

Pat Barnett – Diabetes Instructor


Preceptor of the Year:

Mimsy Yost – Critical Care


Nurse Excellence in Education/Specialist Role:  

Irene Repka – Wound Center


Nurse Excellence in Charge Nurse Role:

Melanie Wagner – Pediatrics


Nurse Excellence in Leadership Role:

Christine Frost – Clinical Director MSU and SCU


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