The News You’ve Been Waiting For… the Excellence Award Winners!

The News You’ve Been Waiting For… the Excellence Award Winners!

Rookie of the Year:

Valerie O’Connell – PCU

Concetta Brand – CCU

Lauren Neff – ED

Rachel Turner – MSU

Rachel Livingston – GSU

Mary Dekowsky – ACP OR

Joanna Walker – Oncology


Chemical Dependency Technician/Patient Care Technician – Outpatient and Pathways:

Angela Francis – PCT II Breast Center


Patient Care Technician – Acute Care:

Anthony Banchero – PCT II ED


Surgical Technician/Patient Care Technician – Women’s & Children’s:

Pam Schwartz – PCT II Pediatrics


Surgical Technician/Patient Care Technician – Surgical Services:

Bonnie Havenner – Surg Tech II Edwards Surgical


Nurse Excellence by Unit – Nurse Role:

Burnita Bartlett – GSU

Beth Harris – JSC

Anne Holland – ESP OR

Jean Eger – Prep Team

Carol Bevivino – ESP PACU

Elaine Stamateris – Short Stay

Gerianne Fraddosio – ACP OR

Kathy Bieler – ACP PACU

Heidi Monz – Cardiac Cath Lab

Kathy Shiring – Interventional Radiology

Emily Groves – MSU

Megan Tyler– SCU

Charlotte Wallace – Pediatrics

Shirley Faison Everette – CCU

Kristina Gibson – Mother Baby

Sedonna Brown – ED

Katie Heibel – NICU

Rachelle Synoracki – L&D

Megan Asbury – Observation

Debra Keane – Flex

Michael Owens – Vascular Access

John Morandi – Admissions Unit

Despina Smith – Oncology

Amy Nudell – PCU


Nurse Excellence in an Outpatient Role:

Elizabeth Egan – Research Nurse


Nurse Excellence in a Non-Traditional Role:

Pat Barnett – Diabetes Instructor


Preceptor of the Year:

Mimsy Yost – Critical Care


Nurse Excellence in Education/Specialist Role:  

Irene Repka – Wound Center


Nurse Excellence in Charge Nurse Role:

Melanie Wagner – Pediatrics


Nurse Excellence in Leadership Role:

Christine Frost – Clinical Director MSU and SCU


  1. Posted by lil Bnachero, at Reply

    Way to go Tony..lvu Mom

  2. Posted by carol b, at Reply

    Congratulations to all winners and nominees! It is a pleasure working beside you

  3. Posted by Deanna M. Leone, RN, BSN, at Reply

    Congratulations Megan Asbury. You always do a great job for us in the Observation Unit.

  4. Posted by Maria Moody, at Reply

    Congrats to Katie Heibel! My son William, my husband Dale and I know first hand what a wonderful NICU nurse Katie is. She took such wonderful care of our son so we could sleep at night. Thank You, Maria Moody RN PCU

  5. Posted by jazmin manlapaz, at Reply

    Congratulations to everyone! Well deserved awards. Thanks to the Administration for a great night out for the nursing staff !!!!
    “”””YOU’RE MAKIN IT GREAT “”””

  6. Posted by Cathaleen Ley, at Reply

    Congratulations to all the winners last night! Each of you contributes so much to nursing at AAMC!

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