The Cath Lab saves Christmas

The Cath Lab saves Christmas

On Christmas Eve, the Cath Lab stepped up to get a patient home for the holidays. Below, a poem from the multitalented William Maxted, MD, expressing his thanks. Way to go, Cath Lab and team!

‘Twas the day before Christmas.
The hour was late.
My pager went off,
as if by fate.

A lady with chest pain
and an abnormal nuke.
This could take forever,
It wasn’t a fluke.

She needed a cath.
There was little doubt.
“We can do it on Thursday;
but we can’t let you out.”

“But tomorrow is Christmas.
My best day of the year.
I’m a lead choir singer.”
She held back her tears.

I thought to myself…
Could there be a way…
I looked at the clock.
Some time’s left in the day.

Vicky,  Kathy, and Debbie
called Barb and then Christine and Flip
And I, Dr. Katzen,
for a return trip.

The cath it was normal.
Her corns all looked great.
She could go home
before it was late.

To choirs, and masses,
and family and friends.
For her most special day,
from beginning to end.

Christmas gifts each have meaning
different to all
Some have boxes and ribbons.
Some none at all.

You, in the cath lab,
saved her greatest day,
with compassion and kindness
every step of the way.

And I’ll bet she exclaimed
as she rode out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all,
And to all a good night.”


  1. Posted by Mary Etta Barbour, at Reply

    This is just wonderful….just wonderful.

  2. Posted by Tish Robinson, at Reply

    This is what medicine should be all about – the best interests of the patient. So proud of Dr Maxted, Vicki, Kathy and Debbie and all involved for going that extra mile and putting their own needs on hold for a couple of hours. I think the hand of God was on all of them, including the patient and allowed each to have an even Merrier Christmas, celebrating the real Gift of the season.

  3. Posted by jazmin manlapaz, at Reply

    It is a great poem and a beautiful outcome ! We know Dr.Maxted can do poetry + his medical profession.

  4. Posted by chamrock, at Reply

    Wow! Dr. Maxted has just been reviewed by poet Grace Cavalieri, who reviews poetry books for the Washington Independent Review of Books. He’s big time now!!
    Great job, Cath Lab!! And great poem 🙂

  5. Posted by Grace Cavalieri, at Reply

    Absolutely a wonderful poem… HEART AND SOUL AND LAUGHTER= the perfect poem

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