The 3 W’s of Recycling at AAMC

The 3 W’s of Recycling at AAMC

When, where, and what?

WHEN: Starting Wednesday, March 30.

WHERE: Single stream recycling cans will be placed throughout the hospital. You’ll find them in nourishment rooms and common areas such as waiting rooms, cafeterias and cafes. 

WHAT can be recycled?:

  • Non-confidential papers, including phone books, magazines, newspapers
  • Non-broken glass, including beverage containers
  •  Plastics # 1-7; including disposable wash basins and pink plastic cups.  Do not recycle items recognized by the general public as “medical” (i.e. oral syringes, IV bags).
  • Metals, including aluminum cans in the kitchen and beverage containers 
  • Cardboard (we are working with our vendors to reduce the vast amount of cardboard that comes in the door. Please continue to break down the boxes)  
  • Alkaline batteries will still be collected in separate containers so the heavy metals can be reclaimed

Questions about recycling? Ask them here.

    -Charlotte Wallace, RN


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