Thankful ACE patient writes in, “There was a feeling of ‘being of service’ rather than ‘being on the job'”

Thankful ACE patient writes in, “There was a feeling of ‘being of service’ rather than ‘being on the job'”


What an awesome shout-out to so many members of the AAMC team. When our patients see that we do what we love and love what we do, it clearly makes an impact. Special thanks to James Welker, M.D., Jaclyn Fowler, RN, and Melita Jones, RN. You make us proud!

It is with pleasure that I write this letter regarding care I recently received at AAMC. I came to the Emergency Room with difficulty breathing due to my COPD. I received care quickly, was eventually admitted and remained in the ACE Unit until my discharge.

For the duration of my stay, the care I received was excellent, in skill, knowledge, caring, concern and always in a timely manner. There was a feeling of “being of service” rather than “being on the job” from all the staff. By all the staff, I include everyone — doctors, nurses, techs, respiratory therapists, housekeeping, food service, escorts, x-ray techs, etc.

I do want to acknowledge one doctor and two nurses that were so helpful in my recovery:

Dr. James Welker, Medical Hospitalist. As it happened, he was on the schedule the entire time of my stay and I saw him each day. His prescribed treatment, his caring manner was very comforting.

Jaclyn Fowler, RN, was my daytime nurse for three days of my stay. Her nursing skills and knowledge were carried out with true caring. I felt a special connection there.

Melita Jones, RN, was also my nurse for multiple shifts. As an excellent nurse she personified “doing what you love, loving what you do.”

With thanks and appreciation to all those who cared for my wellbeing and recovery.

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