Technology and teamwork – hospitalized grandfather able to see grandson graduate

Technology and teamwork – hospitalized grandfather able to see grandson graduate

Mr. Peterson had recently arrived in Annapolis to watch his grandson graduate from the U. S. Naval Academy. Unfortunately, he had a misstep and fell—just two days before the graduation—breaking his hip and resulting in a surgery to repair it later that day. 

While recovering in the General Surgery Unit, Mr. Peterson shared his disappointment in missing his grandson’s graduation with one of his nurses, Heidi Smith. Heidi’s son had graduated from the Naval Academy the previous year, so she knew what an exciting day it would be for the family. 

To help Mr. Peterson feel more involved in the day’s festivities, Heidi positioned him in front of the window that morning so he could look out over downtown Annapolis. 

Later that morning, Mr. Peterson’s grandson called, asking for two favors.  He wanted to make sure his grandfather’s bedside phone was working and close at hand so he could call him after the ceremony. He also asked if there was any way his grandfather could watch the graduation on television.

Since Mr. Peterson’s television had been receiving poor reception the evening before, the telecommunication department was contacted for assistance. 

When the urgency for the television repair was explained, Larry Lorditch and Kevin Burns came up to the floor. They were able to improve the reception but couldn’t find a televised broadcast of the graduation, so they thought to look for a Naval Academy Web cast. 

Using the computer in Mr. Peterson’s room, and with assistance from the IS department, Larry and Kevin were able to log in to the Web site so Mr. Peterson would be able to watch the graduation. 

Seeing Mr. Peterson sitting in a recliner with a huge smile on his face, watching as his grandson and classmates walked across the stage to receive their diplomas, was heartwarming to our entire staff.

What a great example of patient- and family-centered care. Thanks Heidi and the GSU team, Communications, and IS for going the extra mile for a proud grandfather and his family. 

-Deb Swanner, RN, Unit Charge Nurse, General Surgery Unit  

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