An artistic patient’s gift to ACE staff

An artistic patient’s gift to ACE staff

Patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s may sometimes feel anxious or agitated. Nurses on the ACE Unit are skilled in working with this patient population and often proactively provide activities that are calming or diverting– such as music, art and social interaction.

On afternoon, while working with her elderly patient, Ashley Allers, RN, gave her a pencil and paper – and couldn’t believe what she got back a little while later! The talented patient had sketched both her and Mikaela Haile, PCT. The likeness was remarkable!

“We had no idea that she was an artist!” said Danette Readling, RN, clinical educator on ACE. “We get so much back from our patients, more that we realize.”

Thanks, ACE, for sharing this special story.

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