Swim, bike, run. AAMC Iron Girls represent.

Swim, bike, run. AAMC Iron Girls represent.


Before sunrise on Sunday, August 17, a team of AAMC staff crowded into the transition area at Centennial Park, where more than 1,700 bicycles were racked tightly together. They were mentally and physically preparing for a tough morning: a .62mi swim, 16 mile bike ride and 3.4 mile run – and the title of Iron Girl. 

Pictured above is the AAMC Iron Girl team. Back row: Charlotte Wallace, Sarah White, Jennifer Harrington, Teresa Carter and Devra Cockerille. Middle row: Danette Readling, Sherry Perkins, Brandy Brown, Monica April, Sheryl Poretz and Jean Phillips. Front row: Lynn Clark. Not pictured: Sandy Huffer, Dena Jackson and Melissa Keener.

The AAMC Iron Girls were proud to donate their fundraising proceeds to the Light House, one of AAMC’s community partners.

They learned a lot about themselves through the course of training for this event and competing in it. What was the best part?

“Competing to beat my expectations and seeing others do the same — and building friendships and camaraderie with other AAMC Iron Girls.” -Jamie Heinmiller

“For me, the best things about competing in the Iron Girl are the spirit of the event and the energy, the support the participants give one another during the race (often surprised at how many people can catch their breath enough to cheer someone else on), setting a personal goal and enjoying the process of working to attain it, and, like the AAMC team, supporting one another and raising money for a good cause” -Jennifer Harrington

“For me the best thing is the feeling of pride in striving toward and completing a goal that is both mental and physical, and sharing that experience with 1700 other women.”  -Carol Brumsted

“This was my fifth Iron Girl and the first for my daughter. I would like to inspire others to do it. It does take some training, but is doable. Also, it was wonderful to do this with my daughter — we talk about developing healthy living habits during our workouts. The Iron Girl spirit continues after the race. Both my daughter and I were inspired to keep the work outs going.” -Jean Phillips

“Iron Girl was awesome all around — I completed my overall time and swim time under my goal. Swimming in open water is definitely a challenge for me even though I can swim laps for hours in a pool and this really built up my confidence. I am so happy to have been part of Team AAMC Iron Girls and I am excited about next year already!” -Wiebke Hannigan

The group wants to give a special shout out to their race day support group, especially Jane Lucia and all the family members of the AAMC Iron Girls who supported them during training and on race day. Way to go Team Iron Girl! 

(from left) Carol Brumsted, Wiebke Hannigan, Julie McGovern, Melissa Shiflet, Danette Readling, Jodi Quillen, Jennifer Harrington, Holly Sowko, Jean Phillips and daughter.


(from left) Jamie Heinmiller, Monica Mewshaw and Jenn Romero

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