Sweet success for the Diabetes Update seminar

Sweet success for the Diabetes Update seminar

blue heartThe second annual Diabetes Update for Diabetes Resource Champions and others interested was held Tuesday, Sept. 18th. The theme this year was Diabetes Management and Cardiovascular Disease.

Fifty nurses, pharmacists and dietitians heard some outstanding and informative talks, given by three of our own physicians.  Cardiologist Marco Mejia, MD discussed diabetes and heart disease. The audience was astounded to learn that 30% of individuals presenting with a first myocardial infarction have diabetes and do not know it! The recent research on the differences in heart disease between men and women was also of great interest. Anesthesiologist Andrew Goins, DO spoke about the challenges of controlling diabetes peri-operatively. We learned that autonomic neuropathy and gastroparesis, as well as hypo- and hyperglycemia, are additional challenges in managing the patient with diabetes around the time of surgery.  Our own physician diabetes champion Mark Sanchez, MD concluded the program discussing Medical and Surgical Diabetes Management.

Many attendees commented afterwards that they now had a much better understanding of insulin and why it is preferred over oral hypoglycemics in the hospital.Videotapes of the program and a packet will be available to those who missed the event, along with forms to complete for CEUs. Three more rounds of applause for the speakers for the many pearls of wisdom and practical tips, and thank you, Pat Barnett RN, CDE and the diabetes team, for a great program!

-Margaret McLellan RD, CDE


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