Supporting our senior nurses – Jane McMurray’s story

Supporting our senior nurses – Jane McMurray’s story

When I was in my 20’s, I began my nursing career at AAMC (then Anne Arundel General Hospital). I started on A3, which was the Medical Unit, then worked on the Postpartum Unit and in Labor & Delivery. Currently, I work on Mother Baby.

Recently, when I turned 62, I faced an interesting challenge. How could I keep doing what I loved—caring for patients at the bedside—while still receiving Social Security benefits?  I knew there was a limit on the amount of money one could make each year and still obtain full benefits, but I needed to wade through the facts.

It was about that time that AAMC’s CNO, Sherry B. Perkins, asked me about my career plans. When she found out I was looking for reduced work hours, she was very supportive.

Shortly thereafter, the Senior Nurse Advisory Council (SNAC) was born at AAMC. The Council was tasked with looking after the interests of senior nurses (45 years and older) in the workplace. 

In my case, this means phased-in retirement. Put simply, I can collaborate with unit and hospital leadership to develop a more flexible work schedule, rather than retire completely.

I took my plan to SNAC and to my clinical director, Joan Sadler. I was happy to learn my career plans were well-received and supported. In January, I will begin my phased in retirement, working eight hours every two weeks. This will allow me to receive Social Security benefits and continue to do what I love, taking care of patients. -Jane McMurray, RNC


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