Steamed Crabs and Strategic Planning: Summer AAMC Style

Steamed Crabs and Strategic Planning: Summer AAMC Style

Ah, summer in Annapolis. You know it has officially started when you smell those steamed crabs, smothered with Old Bay, or take that first leisurely evening stroll down at the Annapolis docks. But what’s really going to get summer going? The eagerly anticipated 3rd annual AAMC Nursing Strategic Planning Retreat, that’s what!

The retreat is being held on Fri., June 11. An interdisciplinary team of AAMC staff members will focus on what we’ve been up to and where we are going, with a huge spotlight on patient- and family-centered care. More to come on that soon! In the meantime, here are your monthly NSP initiative updates.

Professional Development                                                     

  • The first eight applicants completed their Board of Review on May 27!
  • Reminder to those who occupied a CNII position in the old ladder: if you are pursuing a Level II on the revised ladder please make plans to schedule a Board Review. The application should be sent to Clinical Education and Professional Development;
  • Be on the lookout for the new policy regarding the ladder, slated for final approval in June.


  • Preparing to start training nurses on Chart Review. Smart Alecs to work with nurses on their units to do Tracers in preparation for our upcoming Joint Commission visit;
  • Working on recommendations for appropriate places within the record to properly document care given to patients.  For example: standardizing pain reassessment documentation;
  • Creating priorities for Hot lists for the upcoming JCAHO visit, as well those for ALEC. Hot lists are being gathered from many different councils and committees and will be used to compile a list of high priorities to work on as an organization.


  • Pushed out about 50 blog updates over the last four months! Will continue to build content and promote AAMC Nursing.
  • Acted as communication consultant for other initiatives and departments;
  • Researching build for AAMC Nursing smartphone “app.”

Care Delivery Model                                                      

  • Working to support units in the promotion of patient- and family-centered care. Just to mention a few: the CCU is receiving much positive feedback from their newly initiated Family Rounding, PACU in the Edwards Surgical Pavilion is trialing family visitation with success.

Staffing & Scheduling                                                            

  • Revised nine existing policies and developed one new policy: Floating to Another Unit;
  • Reviewed all policies with Professional Nursing Council, Nursing Operations Leadership Council, Chief Nurse Executive, Human Resources Partners;
  • Developed master list of organizational staffing and scheduling policies.
  • Future Plans: Move reviewed policies through hospital approval structure;  Continue work on policy revisions from organizational master list; Incorporate Flexible Pool and CPT staffing into Tiered Pool Staffing Policy NAD11.1.09

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