Special Care Unit celebrates 60 days with no falls!

Special Care Unit celebrates 60 days with no falls!

At the end of February, the staff on the Special Care Unit (SCU) celebrated 60 straight days without a patient fall! Though always diligent, it is no easy feat for the staff to keep 12 (almost always) high fall risk patients out of harm’s way.

The SCU staff use multiple tools and resources to keep the patients engaged and safe. What contributed to their success? Here’s what the staff say:

“I really think the Q2Hour bathroom rounds help! Given the demographics, our patient population is automatically at moderate risk and most of the time, high risk. Our techs do an awesome job with toileting our patients and along with the nurses, can always find help when they need it. We all realize that most falls are a result of the patient trying use the bathroom. With changes in mental status and/or mobility limitations, it is unsafe for our patients to do it alone. As a team, we are here to meet all of our patients’ needs when they need it and I think we are doing a great job.”  -Angel Poole, RN

“The layout of the floor helps, but I noticed the staff are very attentive to the alarms. When one goes off everybody runs!” -Kelly Hunt, RN

On diversion activities: “I noticed more music from the CD’s being played. There’s a lot of Mitch Miller and Nat King Cole music in the air! Also, I see the patients being walked in the hallways by the Special Care staff more frequently than before.” -Terri Carter, RN

“We tend to stay in our own areas so we can keep a better eye on our patients. Everybody is so team oriented.” -Katie Haxton, PCTII

Rebecca Howe, RN, the Charge Nurse of Special Care, has utilized the hospital volunteers to engage the patients in diversion activities on a regular basis.  “I think the staff was really committed to make this goal so we used every opportunity possible.”

With all these measures in place, SCU is resetting their goal to 100 straight days without a fall! -Mary Cohn, MSN, RN


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