Social media @ work, what’s okay?

Social media @ work, what’s okay?

More than two-thirds of online Americans visit social networking sites like Twitter, blogs, and wikis. About 175 million of us log into Facebook every day. As nurses who use this technology, it’s okay to post work stories or vent about a hectic day as long as we don’t talk about our patients by name, right?
This is a common misconception.
The release of sensitive information over social media can violate HIPPA, harm an organization’s reputation, and lead to breach notifications and hefty fines. Think about it—your vast circle of social media contacts, some of whom may be employed at AAMC, may not need names to figure out which patient situation you are describing. And even when the intent is not malicious, it is still a breach of privacy.

As AAMC employees, we must not share confidential, proprietary, or HIPPA-protected information on social networking sites. And of course, our use of these sites should not interfere with our work or be used to voice grievances. Questions about what is okay? Contact Michelle Powell, our media relations specialist, at 443-481-4717.


  1. Posted by Jean Phillips, at Reply

    I appreciate this information being posted, and, agree with Carol Lacher. I cannot imagine anyone doing intentional malicious posts, but, some, especially those a bit younger than me, may not stop to think. Thank you for great information.

  2. Posted by Carol Lacher, at Reply

    Great news for many of us that us email, blog, and twitter everyday as my mother used the pencil and paper for notes or communication to others of great importance. It is so natural in our every day, no one stops to think:”Would I write this information for the front page of the newspaper.” Hoping this will be of great value to all of us when writing a message.

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