So you want to be published? Write something for theChat!

So you want to be published? Write something for theChat!

TypingLast May, the Communications Initiative conducted a survey about how we can improve nursing communication. We asked for feedback about what you would like to read in our nursing blog, theChat. You responded:

  • Educational opportunities
  • Accomplishments of other nurses
  • Personal stories
  • Changes in practice
  • Satisfaction scores
  • What antics Sherry is up to (!)
  • PNC discussions, senior nurse info
  • Any new developments in the hospital
  • Departmental news, committee updates
  • Opportunities to learn and grow
  • Community events that persons from AAMC are involved in
  • More stories about improving patient care, evidence based nursing, and how nurses are impacting their community
  • Local, state, and national news impacting nurses, health care, and medicine
  • Real stories of how nurses have impacted patients and families
  • Difficulties that nurses have and how they deal with them

We thank everyone for these great suggestions, now¬†help us to share your¬†stories. Writing an article for the blog counts as a publication for the clinical ladder — consider yourself “published” by contributing to theChat!

Ideas, articles, or questions can be forwarded to Chona Hamrock, RNC-NIC at or Monica Mewshaw, RN at Our Communications Initiative can also be emailed at

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