Sherry Perkins named winner of Spectrum’s Advancing and Leading the Profession award

Sherry Perkins named winner of Spectrum’s Advancing and Leading the Profession award

Sherry PerkinsOf course, as nurses at AAMC, we already knew our COO/CNO Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN, was advancing and leading our profession, but now she has the award to prove it!

On June 12, Sherry was honored with the Nursing Spectrum’s Nursing Excellence in Advancing and Leading the Profession award. Read the full story here.

Here’s an expert from her nomination: Sherry has “completely changed the culture of nursing in our institution… If you ask anyone at AAMC, ‘What do you think of Sherry Perkins?’ the answers will range from amazing to awesome to zealous about nursing and everything in between.”

Stay tuned! In the fall, Sherry will represent DC/Maryland/Virginia in the national Nursing Excellence awards.

Sherry, we are all so proud! You have made a difference in so many ways–in this organization and in the lives of our patients and staff. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!


  1. Posted by Bridget, at Reply

    Thank you Sherry for being the dynamic, inspirational, insightful person that you are that motivate us to be our best. You are awesome. Congratulations on an award well deserved.

  2. Posted by Fikirta B Forrester, at Reply

    Sherry congratulations on a well deserved award. I knew I was under good leadership when you said we are like nike we just do it. That has been one of my favorite quotes since then. Thank you again for your inspiration.

  3. Posted by Donna Farina, at Reply

    Sherry – To a great Leader who is truly an inspiration to others. Congrats!

  4. Posted by Mary Gillis, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry – the recognition your are receiving is well deserved.

  5. Posted by Kelly Higdon, at Reply

    What an amazing award for such an amazing nurse and leader, congrats!!!

  6. Posted by kathy shiring, at Reply

    Congratulations! You are an amazing leader. I have watched as you inspired people at all levels of the organization, not just the nurses.

  7. Posted by Sue Kozel, at Reply


    You Rock !!! You are a breath of fresh air in the profession of nursing. You are so motivating and such a great leader . You make me proud to be in this profession. We are truly blessed to have you as our ring leader 🙂

    Sincere Congratulations.

    Namaste Sue Kozel

  8. Posted by Mary Shirley, at Reply

    Congratulations ! Well deserved….You have been an asset to our organization from day one ! You lead by example……Thank You ! Mary

  9. Posted by Renee Lester, at Reply


    I could not have said it better. We are so lucky to have you here @ AAMC and in our community. Your personal touch and commitment to us is an inspiration to all. So proud of you!


  10. Posted by Carol Fickinger, at Reply

    Congratulations, Sherry! It has been an honor and a privilege to have you at the helm!

  11. Posted by Linda Weiss, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry! We are living the vision and we Thank you!

  12. Posted by Debbie Sears, at Reply

    What a wonderful honor! We are so proud of you and it is such a privledge to work with you. You are so passionate about our profession of nursing you are truly an amazing leader. WOOHOO!

  13. Posted by Jamie Cinotti, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry!!! You Rock!!!! You are such an exceptional nurse, leader, and person.

  14. Posted by Peggy Haines, at Reply

    Congratulations!Thanks for moving us forward. Thanks for your vision and advocacy for nursing both at AAMC and beyond!
    Peggy Haines

  15. Posted by Donna Gilbert, at Reply

    As Brian Baker would say “strong work” !!

  16. Posted by Gena Ryan, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry! Well deserved!

  17. Posted by Chona Hamrock, at Reply

    I was just having lunch w/ my mentee today and was telling her one of the reasons I love it here at
    AAMC is because of the leadership, especially with you at the helm, Sherry!!! Your humor, compassion, and genuine caring for each individual makes us all want to be better at our jobs. You are beyond amazing; you are “magnificentabulous” if that was word! Well done. Thank you for all you do.

  18. Posted by William Vickers, MD, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry!!

  19. Posted by Deb Keane, at Reply

    Well deserved.
    I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  20. Posted by Melanie Lee, at Reply

    Sound the air horn!!!!
    Congratulations Sherry! I can’t think of any other nurse more deserving! Thank you so much for always inspiring and supporting us! I’m so thankful we have you to lead our team!

  21. Posted by jazmin m, at Reply

    Sherry, I’ve seen quite a few changes during my time here at AAMC – your being here made such a big difference. You deserve this honor & I wish you win all the way to Nationals. Great job your doing for AAMC !!

  22. Posted by Michelle Perkins, at Reply

    Well deserved. Your leadership is so magnetic that I feel as though I am a lemming and would follow you off a cliff…!
    Seriously, you take the time to listen and you warm the hearts of everyone that you come in contact with, whether it is a patient, family of a patient, a staff, or even family of a staff… You are present with us when the going gets tough and the tough get going…

    You inspire us to take a leap of faith; to contemplate leaving the status-quo and to find a better way, both personally and professionally.

    Congratulations, but more importantly, thank you!

  23. Posted by Anita M. Smith, at Reply

    Congratulations on a well deserved award – “Advancing and Leading the Nursing Profession”. We are fortunate to have you in the drivers seat – with your innovation, inspiration and love of nursing. Thank you for all the support you continuously shine on “AAMC Nursing”.

  24. Posted by Cheryl Briggs, at Reply

    Congratulations, Sherry!
    I’m glad you found your way to AAMC, OR that we found you!
    You are truly a great leader!

  25. Posted by Vicky Timerman, at Reply

    Sherry – you have absolutely earned this recognition – thanks for being such a great leader for nursing and AAMC!

  26. Posted by Denise Matteson, at Reply

    Sherry you are inspiration to all of us. Congratulation

  27. Posted by carol Namo, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry!! What an accomplishment!! I can’t think of anyone more deserving than you. Thank you for leading AAMC nurses to excellence. You are a wonderfully warm and caring person and yet very professional. I love the way you make us laugh and think at the same time. Wow am I proud to work with you and learn from you. AAMC is very fortunate to have you. What a blessing!!! Carol

  28. Posted by Joan Sadler, at Reply


    Congratulations on this well-deserved award. I appreciate all that you are doing and have done for nursing at AAMC. You are an amazing leader and person!


  29. Posted by Holly Greever, at Reply

    Well deserved! We are very blessed to have such amazing leadership. I was reading the nursing spectrum last evening and my son was looking over my shoulder reading it too… he said “mom is that your boss?” when I told him yes he said “way cool”. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  30. Posted by Terri Ridel, at Reply

    Congratulations! You are such an inspiration to us. thank you for yourgreat leadership!

  31. Posted by Terri Ridel, at Reply

    Congratulations! You so insprie the rest of us.
    Thank you for your great leadership.

  32. Posted by Christine, at Reply

    How great-glad you are steering us in the right direction!

  33. Posted by Jean Judge, at Reply

    Way to go girl
    Well deserved

  34. Posted by Cathaleen Ley, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry!! What an accomplishment!

  35. Posted by Marianne McKiernan, at Reply

    Thanks for paving a clear road for nurses to do what they love!
    Your award was well-deserved. We are priviledged to have you as our leader.

  36. Posted by Cindy Mueller, at Reply

    It is a priveledge and a blessing to work under your leadership here at Anne Arundel Medical Center. You are very deserving of this award. I am proud to work with you.
    Cindy Mueller

  37. Posted by Danette Readling, at Reply

    Thank you Sherry for being such a dynamic, visionary leader who has created such positive changes here at AAMC. Your infectious enthusiasm about nursing has made us want to excel!

  38. Posted by Jan Clemons, at Reply

    Sherry Sherry! Saw your marvelous picture and award yesterday in the Nursing Spectrum. So well deserved! Hope you know the level of appreciation we have for you as an innovator, nurse advocate, and visionary for nursing. We love your support to the nursing profession and your genuine devotion to make our professional as partnering with all health care providers.
    Thank you again for being our leader and our example in nursing.

    We are so proud of you!

    Jan Clemons

  39. Posted by Sally Grimm, at Reply

    Congratulations Sherry-well deserved!

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