Saying yes to life and living passionately

Saying yes to life and living passionately

Some of us live our lives in black and white, with an absence of color. And some of us live our lives in radiant color, pushing aside beige as boring. Then there is pastel, a soft, muted color palette that can comfort us – as rounded shapes might as opposed to sharp edges.  

What color relates to passion? I think it is red! Life is an interesting mish-mash of thrills, chills, joy, sadness, gains, and losses. When we are very young, we cannot wait to be adults.  We dress in a similar fashion so as to “fit in.”  And then when adulthood arrives and it hits us – the hundreds of choices that are available, the sum of which make up one’s lifetime. If a woman arrives at a function with the same dress on, it is awful! What happened to wanting to fit in? Now we just want our dresses to fit…

“What is living passionately? Here is one definition:  The dictionary defines passion as ‘a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.’ Extravagant fondness. I like the sound of that because I think it holds the seed of purpose and meaning. To live passionately is to be extravagantly fond of the things that we are doing in the world.” (Live Passionately, Not Skillfully (Part 1 of 3) | UnTangled – Dr. Kelly)

In my last post, I stated that I would be using humor to get my point across.  So, please enjoy the following TED Talk, Isabel Allende: How to live passionately—no matter your age

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