Retired nurse (and patient) praises “dedicated” Joint/Spine Center team

Retired nurse (and patient) praises “dedicated” Joint/Spine Center team

We love getting feedback from fellow nurses. This one made us proud! Way to go, Joint/Spine Center!

ThanksRecently, I underwent a revision of my right total knee at AAMC. After the surgery I had the rare good fortune to be taken to the AAMC Joint Center better known as the “Joint Camp.”

I am a retired critical care registered nurse and have worked in many hospitals. Never have I seen such a dedicated team of doctors, nurses and physical therapists. They all worked so well together to ensure that I received the best care.

The nurses were pleasant and took great care to make sure I moved my knee consistent with the doctor’s orders. My light was never on for long until one of the nurses came with a pleasant smile to assist me. I knew they were very busy but they never rushed me or showed impatience.

I wish I could remember all of their names but a foggy memory and elapsed time have made that impossible. I do remember Lisa Allen, RN, and Kirstin Shea, RN, and who could forget the drill sergeant, physical therapist Phyllis Cotten. She just knew how to motivate one to keep on moving, always with a smile and a kind word of encouragement. .

It has been three months of physical therapy and a lot painful exercises, but I am much better and moving more easily. I am extremely grateful for all the excellent care I received at AAMC and to Paul King, M.D., for his great patience and making it possible for me to live with less pain and eventually with no pain. Thank you to everyone.


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