Reaching Out to Our Community: AAMC Nurses Volunteer at Homeless Resource Day

Reaching Out to Our Community: AAMC Nurses Volunteer at Homeless Resource Day

At Anne Arundel County’s Third Annual Homeless Resource Day, 23 AAMC nurses provided 50 hours of nursing care to homeless people in our community. The Commitment to the Community Initiative, who organized the nursing volunteers for this event, were inundated with responses from staff eager to help! So many volunteered that, within two days, the need for workers had been met. 

At the Homeless Resource Day, over 600 homeless men, women, and children were able to access benefits, medical care, substance abuse resources, mental health counseling and other social services.  Food, personal care items and other giveaways were also distributed.

AAMC nurses performed history intakes, screenings, vital signs and delivered health education to those facing homelessness. They also staffed the Governor’s Wellness Mobiles and a Podiatry service table.

To those who participated and gave of their time and talents so generously, we thank you. 


  1. Posted by Misa Ewing, at Reply

    A GREAT job done by all the AAMC nursing staff who participated at the Homeless Resource Day – we’re getting invitations to come back again next year. These dedicated nurses took time out of their day off to provide nursing care to those less fortunate – YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE! Thanks again-

  2. Posted by Justin, at Reply

    I made sure to link to this on our Facebook page – such a great job by these nurses!

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