Reaching out to our colleagues in Joplin – how can you help?

Reaching out to our colleagues in Joplin – how can you help?

A destroyed helicopter lies on its side in the parking lot of the St. John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin, Mo.

Cate Loch, an AAMC family member for many years, now resides in Joplin, Mo.–and has reached out to AAMC to ask for our help.  She is working with the City of Joplin to collect gently used scrubs for the medical, dental and veterinarian staff who have lost their homes. 

As you may recall, on May 22, a powerful tornado killed at least 153 people, injured hundreds and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, including  St. John’s Regional Medical Center.

AAMC’s own Julie Cannon, RN, grew up near Joplin. In her recent blog post (Support for tornado-devastated Joplin), she wrote about the health care providers of Joplin: “They are exhausted, but keep working. They are injured, and they keep working. They’ve lost their homes and they are still working. Being a caregiver is part of who they are. What the first responders are going through is beyond describable. Its heart-wrenching, emotionally devastating work.”

How can you help?

1. Donate your gently used scrubs between June 27 – July 11. Bring them to the Auxiliary Office, located behind the main information desk in Hospital Pavilion North.

2. Write a personal note, letter or card to let the Joplin residents know we have not forgotten them. Drop off your warm messages at the Auxiliary Office prior to July 11.

3. Make a financial donation. To donate to the Heart of Missouri United Way, visit  Text “JOPLIN” to 864833 to donate $10 right now. 100% of the donations are earmarked specifically to Joplin with zero overhead costs.

-Charlotte Wallace, RN


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