Questions about using social media at work? Ask them here.

Questions about using social media at work? Ask them here.

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Questions we’ve been asked so far:

  • Can I discuss patients on my personal social media pages if I don’t identify the patient and don’t use the patient’s name?
  • Can I use social media to talk about my work day?
  • Do I always need to be “professional” in my postings even when I’m not at work? What about free speech?
  • Can I “friend” my patients on Facebook? What about my boss?
  • What if a patient takes a picture of me, posts it on her site and tags me so it shows up on my social media page?

What questions do you have? Comment on this post and we’ll address your question during Grand Rounds.

How to Make #SocialMedia your BFF: the Heathcare Worker’s Guide
Friday, December 13
Doordan Institute, 7th Floor, Belcher Pavilion

Lunch and registration begin at 10:30am. RSVP to or 443-481-1527. Click here for a copy of the flier.

Remember, it’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Get your phone ready by installing Twitter and a QR Reader app (both are free). We promise this is going to be fun!

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  1. Posted by JaneD, at Reply

    If I see a possible HIPAA violation on one of my friend’s profiles, do I have to report it?

  2. Posted by Julie Blackburn, at Reply

    CW asks Is it ok for people to post pictures of co workers when at work if there is no patient information involved? (Yes, you can see name badges)

    DR questions: Can you say-“boy this patient is killing me!”

    PS asked: To what extent are employee FB accounts being looked at?

    BP asks: MDs take photos of pt information and send it to each other’s phones, are we able to do this?

  3. Posted by Jessica, at Reply

    Can I check my personal email/facebook account at work?

  4. Posted by Deb Keane, at Reply

    I am all “a-twitter” about Nursing Grand Rounds Friday the 13th!

  5. Posted by CC, at Reply

    Can I text pictures of my patient’s EKG strip to his doctor?

  6. Posted by JPR, at Reply

    How do you use twitter? WHY do you use twitter?

  7. Posted by Bree, at Reply

    What should I do if a patient asks me to be their friend on facebook?

  8. Posted by Mommyof3, at Reply

    I spend so much time at work. Is it ok for me to use the hospital’s computer to pay my bills or shop for Christmas gifts on my lunch break?

  9. Posted by JohnnyB, at Reply

    If a patient posts something about me without my permission, what are my rights?

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