Q2H Bathroom Rounds — now in Epic!

Q2H Bathroom Rounds — now in Epic!

Why do patients’ sometimes fall while in the hospital? The unfamiliar environment, acute illness, surgery, bed rest, medications, treatments and the placement of various tubes and catheters are common challenges that place patients at risk.

A large percentage of patient falls occur when they are trying to get to or from the bathroom, from either their bed or a chair. Patients who have fallen trying to meet elimination needs often report they don’t want to bother busy nursing staff. 

AAMC implemented Q2H bathroom rounds on October 2. This regularly scheduled toileting is an intervention to prevent falls, designed especially for all moderate to high fall risk patients.

So staff can constantly document the Q2H bathroom rounds, a new flow sheet row has been added to “Elimination” in the Daily Care Intervention flow sheet. Please make sure to document this intervention every two hours on your moderate and high risk patients.


For more information, view AAMC’s policy NAP12.1.21 – Adult inpatient fall prevention and management program and the Fall Prevention Intervention Guidelines by Risk Category.

 Questions? Contact cley@aahs.org   –Darcy Bowie, RN

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