Props to Prep

Props to Prep

you rockWe all know how important prep work is to any project. Whether it is painting, cooking or planning for a trip, the more careful and thorough the preparation, the more successful and enjoyable the end result.

So what does this look like with our surgical and procedure patients? There are three offices on the 2nd floor of HP North filled with experienced nurses and energetic customer service representatives (CSRs) setting the wheels in motion for over 100 patients a day to have successful, safe surgeries and procedures here at AAMC.

On any given day, several nurses and CSRs prepare patients and their charts for both the ESP and HP ORs, Interventional Radiology, Cardiac Cath Lab and Endoscopy.

What difference are they making?

  • Our patients are less anxious after talking to the Prep nurse. Frequent comments include: “I feel better getting all the information,” and “Now I feel better about coming in.”
  • Anesthesia issues are identified before the patient arrives and are communicated with Anesthesia.
  • By 5pm every evening, all the surgical charts for the next day are scanned into the computer so all healthcare partners have access. This is no small feat and requires much work on the part of the nurses and CSRs, with the help of Health Information Management.
  • Due in part to the Prep team’s diligence, our day of surgery cancellation rate  about 1%, far below the national average.

Thank you Prep Team for all your hard work! -Rita Linnenkamp, BSN, RN

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