Professional Development Day 2019 – Recap

Professional Development Day 2019 – Recap

Every year, AAMC’s professional development committee puts together a day of educational activities for nurses to help grow and develop their careers. During this conference, nurses learn about current trends in healthcare, community initiatives, and take away points to bring back to their departments.

On October 24, 2019, we hosted yet another successful day of professional development. The day kicked off with a keynote presentation from the leadership team at Pathways and our new McNew Medical Center about mental health and addictions nursing in the community. During this session, nurses heard about the increasing need for mental health treatment in Anne Arundel County and the strides AAMC has made to improve nursing assessment for the community.

Attendees later divided into groups to attend either one of two breakout sessions. One session was hosted by Clinical Education Specialists Ann Marie Holland and Racquel McCrea who presented a preceptor workshop. During the time, nurses took turns acting as a nurse preceptor or as a new hire and learned how to effectively provide and receive feedback. The participants enjoyed the hands-on activities and strategies that were presented.

Our other breakout session was hosted by Karen McCamant, Director of Professional Nursing Practice and Magnet, who explained the changes happening to our current shared governance model. A panel of four current committee members shared their experiences on the importance of joining a committee and having a say in how nursing care is provided. During this session, Cathaleen Ley, Director of Nursing Quality and Research shared her knowledge about writing a strong abstract in preparation for AAMC’s Annual Quality Improvement Showcase. Every year, Cathaleen partners with other healthcare professionals to display and discuss research, clinical quality, or performance improvement projects and research studies with colleagues across the organization.

The day was not over just yet. During the lunch break, the February 2019 Nurse Residency cohort presented their evidence-based practice projects. Topics included:

– Does Mechanical CPR improve patient outcomes vs manual CPR?

– Comparing Sepsis Tools on identifying early sepsis on patient

– Decreasing Errors in Handoff Communication

– Effectiveness of early mobilization on long-term outcomes in stroke patients

– Silver wipes vs CHG wipes

– The Effect of Stress Management and Coping Skills on Nurse Retention and Patient Satisfaction

– Anxiety in Postoperative Patients

– Door Openings in the OR and Surgical Site Infection

Keynote speaker, Deneen Richmond, AAMC’s Vice President Population Health and Clinical Improvement discussed the changing landscape of healthcare and the future of AAMC. Ms. Richmond took the time to explain the driving forces in healthcare, which is stemmed from our busy lifestyles, and how AAMC is taking action to keep up with the everchanging world of health. She ended her presentation speaking about Luminis Health and asked┬áthe audience what ideas they had to help connect with the community.


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