Priceless Art…in AAMC’s Basement?

Priceless Art…in AAMC’s Basement?

The hallways in the basement of the ACP are clean and bright, but somewhat bare.

Jackie Sachs was a Language Arts teacher who went through chemotherapy here at AAMC. She noted how “dismal” the “tunnel to chemo”—the basement of the Donner and Acute Care Pavilions—looked as she was being wheeled over for her treatments.

Even though she suffered from the side effects of chemo—nausea, hair and weight loss, as well as lethargy and fatigue—she had a vision. She wanted to brighten up the place.

“She and I scribbled notes on the back of a hospital menu, hashing out ideas of scenes to paint on the tunnel walls. We divided them into themes such as Broadway musicals, seasons of the year and nursery rhymes. We thought how painting the walls would bring a little beauty to the patients and the staff who traveled through the tunnels,” says Jackie’s daughter, Deborah Love.

After Jackie passed away, Deborah formed Tunnels of Love. She enlisted the aid of Laquel Ling, an art teacher at Magothy River Middle School, and her student volunteers to fulfill her mother’s dream.

After the Tunnels of Love team finishes, the walls are bright and cheery.

The first mural, “The Impossible Dream,” is complete and can be enjoyed by those who pass through the tunnels in the basement of the Acute Care Pavillion.

Thank you, Jackie Sachs and all those at Tunnels of Love, for a wonderful legacy.

-Debra Keane, RN

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