PNC, voice of the bedside nurse

PNC, voice of the bedside nurse


What does PNC stand for?  The Professional Nurse Council.

What does the PNC do?  The PNC provides a dynamic forum for the advancement of nursing practice and service excellence. It allows for nurses from all areas to have a voice and a venue to actively participate in the shared governance process.

The PNC serves as a direct advisory to Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN, our chief nursing officer and senior vice president of Patient Care Services, by supporting Structural Empowerment and Exemplary Professional Practice—components of our Magnet model.

PNC is the voice of Nursing at AAMC. During meetings, each unit’s representatives discuss ideas, suggestions, and concerns identified by you, our nurses. Beyond that, PNC also has three subcommittees that focus on the Image of Nursing, Nurse Retention/Recruitment and the DAISY Award.

Several ideas that have recently been instituted directly from the PNC are Hot Cards, a change in manufacturer of our gloves, and the RN identification badge.  

Who attends PNC meetings?  PNC is led by chair Deb Keane, RN and co-chair Kim England, RNFA, CNOR, both bedside nurses. Each unit at AAMC has a council representative and an alternate who serve a two-year term.

Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN attends each meeting to provide a leadership update. Cathaleen Ley PhD, APRN, director of Nursing Quality and Research, also attends each meeting. Part of her role is to act as a sponsor to the PNC.

How can I find out what happens during PNC meetings?  Each unit receives a copy of the highlights of the monthly meetings in the form of a monthly Unit Representative Council Activity report.  These reports are posted on the units.  

Please take the time to read this form and give your feedback to your unit’s PNC representative.  He or she will take your suggestions back to the group. Likewise, if you have a suggestion for improving practice here at AAMC, be sure to talk to your representative. If you do not know who your representative is ask your director, manager or educator.

How can I find out more or get involved?  Please take the time to view this presentation created by Jamie Cinotti BSN, RN: T:\CEER\Blog\PNC Presentation-2010.pptx. Or talk to your director about being the PNC rep for your department—it’s an awesome opportunity to participate in the ever-changing healthcare arena.

-Margaret Wyatt RN, BSN, MSN, FNE-A and Deb Keane, RN

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