Please don’t pass the peanut butter. Food Allergy Awareness Week is May 12.

Please don’t pass the peanut butter. Food Allergy Awareness Week is May 12.

Food Allergy Awareness Week, coming up on May 12, 2014, presents an opportunity to bring to light the scope, challenges and concerns this diagnosis delivers. Approximately 15 million Americans are food-allergic, of which six million are children. 

Food allergies cause up to 200,000 ED visits per year. Education, support and complete avoidance of the offending food are essential to safely manage health risks. Navigating life with a food allergy is a huge challenge – these individuals must learn to assess each meal – with their families, at school or at  work, at summer camps, sleepovers, parties, sports functions or any other social gathering. 

When faced with newly diagnosed food allergy, one might feel overwhelmed with the dietary restrictions ahead. Questions might be:

  • How do I completely eliminate a particular type of food, such as peanut or cow’s milk from my diet?
  • How do I still offer a nutritionally balanced diet when a major food protein is restricted?
  • How can I ensure my food-allergic child will always have a safe diet in school and social settings that I cannot control?
  • How have others coped with these stressful adjustments to lifestyle?

Find answers at AAMC’s Food Allergy Workshop on Tuesday, May 13from 6:30-8pm. This program is for adults, children, parents and childcare providers and will provide information on diagnosis, treatment, and healthy living.

A panel discussion will include an Allergist, Dietitian, School System Representative, and parent and author of book “A Little Bit Can Hurt.”  Please join us for this interactive discussion.    

Click here or call Ask a Nurse at 443-481-4000 to register for this event.

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