Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

pillow picOn September 25th, Surgical Services will join most of AAMC with the conversion from disposable to reusable pillows.    This initiative is a huge step in the right direction for big financial savings (we pay both in and out the door), decreased CO2 emissions (transportation to us) and decreased landfill waste.


  • Per Anne Van Waes, just like a bed or stretcher, the pillows are wiped down with either the Super-Sani wipes or by EVS team between each patient use.
  • The reusable pillows are disposed in the beige bin when they reach their end of life; either cracked or the end thread has been exposed to bodily fluids.
  • EMS transporting teams have their own linen and pillows.
  • Need an extra pillow? …check patient closets and storage areas for loose pillows.  If no extra pillows, please call distribution at x5991.
  • Please leave a pillow on the bed when the bed is transported to PACU.

-Charlotte Wallace RN

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