Picker Institute awards Always Events grant to AAMC

Picker Institute awards Always Events grant to AAMC

Patient- and family-centered care is a priority for us here at AAMC–and people are taking notice.

This week, Picker Institute, an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving patient-centered care, announced that it had awarded a matching grant to AAMC. The grant is being administered under Picker Institute’s Always Events /Always Experiences initiative, and is one of only 20 awarded to institutions around the country.

Always Events /Always Experiences  refers to those aspects of the patient and family experience that should always occur during interaction with healthcare professionals and/or the healthcare delivery system. The grant program provides matching funds in support of innovative approaches to creating specific Always Events  that achieve measurable improvements in patient- and family-centered care.

To read more, check out AAMC’s homepage and look for the story on the right side.

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  1. Posted by Tori Bayless, at Reply

    Congratulations to all on receiving this grant. It will help in accelrating our efforts in PFCC. The other 19 organizations receiving Picker grants are in excellent company with our team here at AAMC. Great job!

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